Fuck. Shit! Sorry...
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What is this?

This website is basically what happens if you run the following on code repositories:

                git log | grep -i fuck
                git log | grep -i shit
                git log | grep -i sorry

This sometimes generates a fun insight into the history of development of the repository, or sometimes it's just funny by itself, or sometimes it's not very interesting at all.

Browse away to your amusement

(or bemusement, whichever comes first)

If you like or dislike a "poem", vote with the + and - links.

You can dive straight in with a random selection, or take a look at the top 100.

Questions? Comments? Email questions@fuckshitsorry.dev


This is still quite new so please vote often and be aware that most scores will be low for a while.

New repositories will be added continuously so keep an eye on the New queue.

Why is this?

I was working on a code repository a while ago where I was tasked with generating some statistics about average code commit size and time between commits and merges. I spotted fucks and decided to see how many there were, just for fun. It resulted a silly, out of context history of the project.

I built this to do the same to open-source repositories.

Is that a good reason?

Not really, but I found it funny, and I am a silly person.

Why is it ugly?

The site is an homage to bash.org in style and function, and a callback to a more whimsical internet.