Fuck. Shit! Sorry... Rudest
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mpv-player/mpv + (25) -
    Pretty much fuck this shit.
    In summary: what a dumb waste of time, what the fuck.
    Yeah, fuck this retarded garbage.
    even 60ies. What the fuck. I fucking hate computers so much.
    inconsistent (since the option is called --secondary-sid), but fuck the
    Also fuck the win32 platform, it's a heap of stinky shit. Microsoft is
    them to fuck off.) (Well I didn't put it this way, but still.)
    core (while mpv is waiting for it) anyway. So fuck it.
    do, so fuck that.
    travis: shut the fuck up
    (Who the fuck uses editions?)
    A bit of a mess with that ifdeffery, but fuck it.
    (using that git revision), it often did not work. Whatever the fuck.
    Why the fuck am I even bothering with this crap?
    Fuck it, just let's just reinit everything.
    responsible for the bug)? Who the fuck knows, and I'm too tired to
    just making a fuss? Anyway, fuck EGL, fuck computers, fuck technology.
    jump through some more hoops to get something compatible, but fuck that.
    it's ffmpeg, it can't not try to fuck you over. I'm so fucking sick of
    reasonable, I can't tell what the fuck is going on with that HOOKED
    night, so fuck it.
    (admittedly valid) issues. Btu still, fuck writing include guards, I
    laziness (and shouldn't, because what the fuck). So assert() on this.
    What the fuck?
    by design is not reasonable, and fuck you. I much prefer the awful
    wouldn't be so bad if libavformat could tell us WHERE THE FUCK THE RESET
    value within the decoder, but fuck that.)
    now, fuck it.
    about/checked some corner cases harder. But fuck this shit.
    think I was actually trying to do some real work but fuck that.
    to give a fuck about this use case at all.
    Why the fuck can't there be a proper API for retrieving these
    (multimedia from 2000-2010) and should either modernize or fuck off.
    (Why the fuck are there up to 20 mouse buttons?)
    (Why the fuck are there up to 20 mouse buttons?)
    was passed in). It was a shit idea anyway, so fuck it.
    libavutil equivalents. vdpau still uses a shitty hack, but fuck the
    formatting (LC_TELEPHONE). Who the fuck uses this, or would ever use
    At this point, how the fuck are you supposed to do anything correctly?
    example, I'm pretty sure Microsoft doesn't. (Microsoft got to fuck it up
    - fuck up everything and vomit ponies and rainbows
    Fuck this thing.
    (How the fuck does EOF notification work again anyway?)
    Adds about 117 options (holy fuck).
    This also trashes display preemption recovery. Fuck that. It never
    don't even have a -sub-charenc option, fuck FFmpeg.
    Did I mention fuck FFmpeg yet? Because fuck FFmpeg.
    drop or rewrite it. vo_vaapi.c's OSD code (fuck...) also uses these
    Untested because I don't give a fuck about your shitty DVDs.
    Oops. Fuck.
    OF COURSE Libav doesn't have AV_PICTURE_TYPE_NONE. Why the fuck would
    simply passing through the PTS, it wants to fuck with it for no reason,
    Merry christmas, or whatever the fuck is going on right now.
    Currently this was done before conversion, which could fuck up a
    in use - what the fuck did this check do in this function?), so this
    clue what the fuck is going on in this fucking file. (Still agreed to
    bullshit (who the fuck runs the PulseAudio server on a separate
    What the flying fuck?
    FUCK the Windows API.

    f_hwtransfer: get rid of the shit list
    introduced the shit list (which just included vaapi) to hard-code the
    The fix is pretty shit, but appears to work.
    do not have a usable number, then just give up and makeup shit. Note
    Pretty much fuck this shit.
    Some pain because of the dumb threading shit. Moving the code further
    lifetime on this incredibly stupid fucking shit.
    own trash hack to trashily workaround this shit.
    Just fix your shit.
    just call X11 a heap of shit, and assume the worst case for alignment.
    repack: make generic weird pixfmt shit even more generic and obfuscated
    this shit all the time), and especially the fact that pixdesc is very
    POSIX/UNIX is a miserable heap of shit. (Less shit than "alternatives"
    Because POSIX/UNIX is a miserable heap of shit, execvp() is also not
    heap of shit, O_CLOEXEC and FD_CLOEXEC were (probably) added at
    the buffer shit was too damn messy.
    If your GPU is shit (which it will be if you "want" to use vo_direct3d),
    Also fuck the win32 platform, it's a heap of stinky shit. Microsoft is
    vo_gpu: fix green shit with float yuv input
    refcount shit, but when that was a big mess and hard to debug and just
    shit isn't necessary anymore (simpler code), but I haven't done anything
    really don't give a shit about these formats, other than having to
    wanting to interpret the timestamps. Awful shit that make mpv change to
    Evil, non-standard shit.
    Who write this dumb shit¹? It didn't handle 1<<31, and was unnecessarily
    guess I hate programming. It's so tedious and the result is always shit.
    shit and bind customers by not giving easy ways to treat source code and
    clobbered with stupid shit (both in the set of files and the commit
    encode: add some shit that does some shit
    there is some annoying interaction with EDL and backward playback shit,
    not going to touch that shit unless I rewrite it completely.) The cover
    Since relative drive paths are such a fucked up shit idea, don't try to
    And document the shit.
    back at some later point, but I expect this shit to be in a perpetual
    handled (which was fine with MPlayer, but became increasingly a shit tub
    This commit is probably buggy as shit. It's not like I bothered to test
    have looked like shit soup no matter what.)
    Even if not correct, at least it gets rid of the blue shit.
    audio: work around ffmpeg being a piece of shit
    without digging deeper into x11 shit or refactoring parts of the VO. I
    (And also, I'm sure nobody gives a shit about this feature.)
    Weird shit. I thought this was a clever way to elegantly handle two
    sws_utils: shuffle around some shit
    shit. For some reason this HOOKED shit doesn't use copy_image() (???),
    to make up for Apple's incredibly broken OpenGL shit).
    Awful shit. I probably wouldn't accept this code from someone else, just
    Spherical video is a shit idea anyway.
    Since it broke 2 years ago, nobody should give a shit about this code,
    shit-tank (Windows development).
    thinking; with some luck, I just didn't give a shit about this case, but
    follow a few simple rules, your code is probably shit or you wanted to
    client API: fix potential deadlock problems by throwing more shit at it
    No shit, e6 is on the stack. But the macro argument is also allowed to
    goldberg shit.)
    I can afford the luxuary of hacking the shit directly into the player.
    Sometimes, FFmpeg will take a shit on YOUR and ITS OWN alignment. For
    this shit, but let's not blame others.)
    Why this config cache shit and all the other shit? Rediscovering this
    This is kind of shit. Not only is this a very "special" feature, but it
    One notable thing is that it uses the async command shit. Not sure
    Could we discard all this probing shit, and somehow do it another way?
    of shit that's piled up before you, or do you?
    missing something. It's as if vaapi required setting radioactive shit on
    list (did I even test this shit?), and so it was rotting around for 1.5
    subtle mutable state for this backwards shit.
    by Android), but whatever, just give a dumping ground for shit code.
    shit code (instead of fixing it), and write new shit code. The old code
    to waste time on dumb shit.
    probably worked once and I can't be assed to debug my own shit code.
    Writing new shit code is more fun.
    Write new shit code for fun. This time it's a complete index. It's kept
    with the shit code). the memory usage doesn't seem to be that bad,
    f_decoder_wrapper.c: mess with some shit until it somehow starts to
    Just rearranging shit. Setting SEEK_HR for backstep seeks actually
    about/checked some corner cases harder. But fuck this shit.
    See manpage additions. This is a huge hack. You can bet there are shit
    shit can easily crash and burn. (Although it shouldn't literally crash.
    just doesn't fit into our code, so there's a cthulhu nightmare of shit.
    There is some evil shit due to a huge ownership/lifetime mess of various
    segment shit can be used to pass the "file" contents as memory block,
    have to be some youtube DASH shit).
    Might be unreasonable, but I'm angry at the shit driver freezing my
    Note that I don't give a shit about optical media. If you want to watch
    Crashes NVIDIA, probably buggy on others. No one ever tests this shit.
    No idea what that shit is. Likely forgotten when timed metadata was
    With FFmpeg's shit-crusted structures, todic communities, and retarded
    that FFmpeg is a shit fucked steaming pile of garbage shit?
    To get overlapping shit etc.
    shit, because there's no concept of aborting the player during command
    was passed in). It was a shit idea anyway, so fuck it.
    (holy shit how is it so bad), and would require us to handle _every_
    The ->fmt shit is something I'd like to phase out.
    Lots of shit code for nothing. We probably could just use libavutil's
    synchronized. There's no existing central mutex, so do some shit with
    insufficient, I can't even fathom how this shit was _standardized_. (In
    like Shift JIS (sometimes called SHIT JIZZ), yet functions like
    shit would just have been too broken. So they didn't. But locales give a
    is full of locale API usage and other legacy shit, as well as ifdefs and
    changes. Or in other words, this commit probably fucks up shit.
    size. Some broken shit. (Maybe the decoder wouldn't care about these
    regressions, as this is quite intrusive, and touches weird obscure shit
    In a shit show of subtle corner case interactions, making the demuxer
    Fucking shit.
    video: fix green shit
    initialize dst's fields) assume it is -> shit happens. Regression from
    Performance is shit on AMD otherwise. (Nvidia always uses client storage
    deal with them at every step, or they will break your shit.
    pretty shit here.
    users to wade through metaphorical cow shit to deal with it.
    skip the metaphorical cow shit step.
    policy if not giving a shit about DVD, just revert our half-working seek
    (This shit needs some sort of automated tests.)
    Well shit. Restructure it such that the returned list is always NULL-
    Refactor the shit and drop unneeded things as it goes.
    hand, but because driver developers are full of shit, vdpau interop will
    Will this shit ever actually work?
    av_log: remove dumb shit
    we're sending to the AO. (Tired of the cryptic shit ALSA gives me.)
    piece of shit (just read the script if you disagree), but at least it
    IANAL, but we don't give a shit what you do with this code.
    delivered. I don't give a shit.
    work to convince this piece of shit to expose the POSIX standard
    separate callbacks for each device? Why this obtuse mainloop shit?
    Especially the mainloop shit makes it actively worse than doing things
    vaapi: try dealing with Intel's braindamaged shit drivers
    don't understand why this suddenly works. Intel drivers being shit?
    Windows being shit? HWND or HDC being only 97% thread-safe instead of
    The shit I put up with...
    This way we probably do the right thing, and avoid all the menu shit.
    tl;dr libavformat is shit for media players
    be fixed! do we have a volunteer to remove the whole codecs.conf shit?
    freebsd fix (btw, why does it needs this int_max shit?
    today's shit
    skip annoying unused parameter shit (if anyone needs these / knows a case where they pointed to a real bug then reverse this)
     - gaussian blur scaler (finally dvd/vobsub doesn't look like shit!)
    some files has some shit before teh audio/video headers...
    fix hue bug with nvidia's shit. i teszted with g400,radeon7500,tnt2ultra,geforce2mx200
    divx4 I420 removed - i hate that buggy shit nvidia
    removed vivo shit
    removed unused buggy shit
    fixed .so's shit

    I didn't really pay attention (sorry). For consistency with the rest of
    safe than sorry. Closes #7740.
    stats.lua), and all I have to say is sorry for that.
    its better to be safe than sorry.
    I almost feel sorry wasting a commit on this.
    I'm sorry for deleting the anti-ffmpeg vitriol. It's still all true, but
    I 'broke' it in 78c362b. Sorry!
    I introduced this bug in b5bbb49. Sorry!
    I have a right to say this. Sorry. I would say that MPlayer has a
    Also, sorry for the typo in the earlier commit message.
    Sorry about the noise :P
    Why are MPlayer devs so monumentally lazy? Sorry, but this takes the
    about windows will fix things, should issues pop up - sorry.)
    but better safe than sorry).
    fix compile, sorry
    (Sorry I lost the old commit history due to the file structure changes)
    for fast playback on his system when using vo_directx. Sorry, that-guy.
    was synced to r25017, my fault sorry
    sorry, left english phrase in...
    r23691: revert r23538. my fault, didn't see there where 2 phrases, sorry...
    revert r23538. my fault, didn't see there where 2 phrases, sorry...
    changed forgotten $Revision... to synced with.... sorry :(
    little fix, sorry
    small typo preventing compilation, sorry :(
    and again.. sorry :/
    Since I rewrote ao_jack.c from scratch, the diff is unreadable, sorry.
    Sorry, typo
    Finnaly commit Nico's dvb menu. Sorry for committing this
    This is the correct patch, sorry for the confusion.
    10l by me, noticed by a guy with a transmeta cpu, but forgot his name, sorry
    That fix Gub's bug (sorry for the delay ;)
    There's no security problem here, but better safe then sorry.
    btw, sorry that i didn mention the names of the ppl from whom all the past ideas came from ...
    me.  No idea who contributed these, sorry.
    sync by HR <hephooey@fastmail.fm>, sorry, i was busy.
    patch by ??? (sorry i can't find that mail)
    fixed JPEG issue (sorry atmos, i've tested them now) and added PIM1 name corrections
    sync with libavcodec for unaccellerated dcts (sorry Felix, LIBAVCODEC_BUILD did not change, so also no backwards compatibility this time), and a long overdue copyright update
    sorry - this was a sync for all
    Sorry for the cosmetic, but it looks wierd :/
    upsz, sorry, i forgott this :) (skin name saving:)
    100l sorry, won't commit again.
    Correct my half reverse commit. Sorry Atmos.
    Sorry, fix vobsub duration the arpi way.
    sorry, 10l:)
    sorry, 10l:)
    fix nexus's key bug :) 10l, sorry :)
    so Michael should test and fix again these changes. Sorry!
    applied pl's patch (sorry, overlooked it previously.. and procmailrc
    sorry, debug removed ;)
    sorry, i really wanted to add vidix_start and stop as int, to detect if something went into the wrong way (also implement check in vo_xvidix)
    codecs.html. Sorry, but yesterday I mixed directories and sent you this file in
    fixes, and some new stuff. sorry forgot :)
    not ready (sorry), I've to finish beginning at line ~360
    - tabs (sorry for inconveniece)
    hmm many things.. (sorry now i'm a bit confused:)
    Sorry for inexactitude
    sorry, config2.mak is not up-to-date
    Ugly YV12 support on Radeon BES. (Only radeon_vid currently work with this stuff :( Sorry!)
    Sorry, my laptop has no dvb-card
    sorry for the help_msg.h
    forgot, sorry
    stuff.. (sorry, forgot:P)
    sorry for english
    upsz ... timer disabling fix, sorry
    cleanup, sorry
    sdl_(a)driver liquidated - sorry atmos
    add HAVE_ALSA5 var. Sorry :(
    fixed HAVE_ALSA5 var. bug. sorry :(
    ize ... sorry ;)
    sorry, for the #endif
    inserted some avi codecs, and stupid comments. no, no jokes, sorry.
nvbn/thefuck + (-34) -
    As we need the package and to modify the shell config, users could have a pain in the ass when it comes to retire *The Fuck* from the system.
    Add fuck --hard as alternative to fuck --yeah (#963)
    * Add fuck --hard as alternative to fuck --yeah
    * Update README on fuck --hard
    Merge pull request #689 from nvbn/682-instant-fuck-mode
    Merge branch 'master' into 682-instant-fuck-mode
    Merge branch 'master' into 682-instant-fuck-mode
    Merge pull request #684 from nvbn/682-instant-fuck-mode
    682 instant fuck mode
    Merge branch 'master' into 682-instant-fuck-mode
    #678: Speedup `fuck` by hardcoding entry points
    #662: Autoconfigure when `fuck` was called < 60 seconds ago from the same shell
    #662: Autoconfigure when `fuck` was called < 60 seconds ago from the same shell
        $ fuck
    #620: Add support of arguments to `fuck`, like `fuck -y` on zsh
        $ fuck
        $ fuck
    #611: Allow to configure alias automatically by calling `fuck` twice
    [correct] them for the user. This makes it so that `fuck` will do the
        $ fuck
        $ fuck
        $ fuck
        $ fuck
    it further (or run `fuck` again) if desired.
        $ fuck
        $ fuck
        $ fuck
    have to confirm removal of the file after running fuck. This
    change allows such users to run fuck without having to do
    Merge pull request #362 from nvbn/356-fuck-endpoint
    #356 fuck endpoint
    #356 Print useful information when `fuck` called and alias isn't configured
    Change failed message 'No fuck given' to the more popular 'No fucks g…
    Change failed message 'No fuck given' to the more popular 'No fucks given'
    % fuck
    #N/A Ignore history lines before `fuck` call in history rule
    test(shells): add `fuck` alias to collection of aliases
    fix(shell::Fish): avoid looping when calling `fuck` twice
    fix(shells::Fish): avoid looping when calling `fuck` twice
    #1 Add history of last commands, allow fuck more than once
    $ fuck
    Fuck, I wanted ls -lah
    $ fuck
    [10:24:54][bethrezen@bethrezen-mac ~]$ fuck
    No fuck given
    Fix fuck when more than one git command available
        $ fuck
    Add Powershell fuck command to README
    This rule adds fuck support for this:
        $ fuck
    Add Powershell fuck command to README
    Allows usage of fuck command in Windows Powershell
    #1 Don't fuck twice
Anankke/SSPanel-Uim + (6) -
    why the fuck I need to do this? can't this stupid PHP just fucking use the type from database? whoever designed PHP this way must be special kind of retard
    fix: null price & invoice_id input(fuck smarty)
    fix: the fuck is this merge error
    Why the fuck there is a default value inside muKeyList, and it is using a special utf8 character U+3000???
    the fuck
    The fuck is this shit?
    You know what, fuck this shit.
    What the fuck is this?
    Update fuck.js
    chore: change fuck.js download url
    refactor(fuck.js): simplify code (detect 360 only)
    fix(fuck.js): simplify the code
    feat(fuck.js): use huaweicloud repo
    feat: update fuck.js for better hit
    fix(fuck): it appears centos iso is even larger
    feat(fuck): eat the opensuse, 360 user
    fix fuck.js
    Fix: avoid fuck.js can't read <body> tag issue
    Feat: add fuck.js

    The fuck is this shit?
    Hope this commit can fix this shit fr this time.
    You know what, fuck this shit.
    refactor: cleanup and fix error handling shit,
    2. Make the shit-liked code in google js standard

    im sorry
pmmp/PocketMine-MP + (-4) -
    fuck you PhpStorm! fuck you PhpStorm! fuck you PhpStorm!
    fuck you git x2
    fuck you git
    fuck you, phpstorm!
    how the fuck is anyone supposed to find anything??
    composer decided that this was a good time to reorganize composer.json for me, and... well, fuck it.
    Bukkit CCC at its finest... what the fuck this was doing anyway I have no idea
    - improves reusability by avoiding having old state info stick around to fuck stuff up
    fuck, I wish we had real generics :(
    fuck you PhpStorm
    fuck off PhpStorm
    why the fuck Mojang...
    god only knows what the fuck is going on in here that warrants this catch-all... so let's remove it and find out!
    fix inventory bug, silence debug spam, shut the fuck up MCPE
    Seed is immutable information about the world, like its generator type, generator options, name, etc. We don't allow changing any of those things, so why the fuck would we allow changing the seed? This makes no sense at all.
    who the fuck wrote this shitty code?
    - Fixed log writes being blocking (these were executed on a thread, but IN A SYNCHRONIZED BLOCK - what the fuck shoghi?!)

    no wonder people get the idea to use this shit for banning commands ...
    avoid the overhead incurred by clear() and setItem(), because in internalSetContents(), we already have no listeners or viewers to talk to anyway, so this is just spamming shit into /dev/null.
    god I hate this shit so much
    when using dynamic reflection (which is the default), any time static reflection comes into play, bad shit starts to happen because of FileReadTrapStreamWrapper.
    we don't give a shit and these calls are currently needed for 7.4.
    phpstorm you piece of shit
    Plugin: removed useless shit
    for some reason dependabot shit itself while trying to scan for updates and thought this wasn't updatable ...
    system's complexity to make it easier to thread the living shit out of
    Naturally I want to get rid of this shit altogether, but first it's necessary to construct a new system that we can shift into before all this bullshit can be addressed fully, so for now we have to work within the bounds of the old system.
    this was causing the movement anti-cheat to shit itself after the first movement because it used setPosition() on the player if the position wasn't exactly perfect (which obviously it never is perfect, because of fp rounding errors).
    this allows it to be imported by other repos using the same config (for example plugins needing PHPStan analysis) without them needing to copy paste big blocks of shit every time something little changes.
    this pile of shit was overdue a rewrite. The new version is much easier to understand.
    master has this shit so much better
    this is just making it harder to search for broadcast usages, and we want to get rid of all packet broadcasting shit from Server anyway.
    I got tired of auto complete suggesting this shit every time I typed `implements Particle`
    this shit really ought to be broken up into factories for each world format.
    this shit is horrible, but it's needed for now...
    past me was full of shit, because blockReplace is the same as blockClicked when we click a single slab top/bottom to make a double slab, and the logic is identical to the below block with that in mind.
    populateChunk() _sometimes_ does this, but not if the chunk is locked. This means that the empty chunk needed to prevent the shit hitting the fan isn't created when chunks are locked. This change resolves the problem because registerChunkLoader() calls loadChunk() with the create parameter as true when autoload is used. This is a shitty fix but it's the simplest one we have right now, and it works well.
    @shoghicp, y u do dis... I almost created a sub-packet architecture to deal with this shit :(
    Deprecations on a patch version breaks release protocol, but I don't care at this point. Nobody should have been using this shit anyway.
    this doesn't fix shit but it at least doesn't crash. Fixing this properly can't be effectively done any other way without backwards compatibility breaks. Fortunately it's not common practice to grow trees at the top of the world.
    while we can't deal with this information, it's needed for the sake of unit testing so we don't shit on every bit of incoming data of these packet types.
    PhpStorm you lying piece of shit... you only showed me the usages in Level!
    2. this shit isn't needed until we start using the player as an actual player
    what a piece of shit this version is...
    Level providers are now cut back to just an interface to a world's data. They don't keep their own chunk registries or any stupid shit like that because the Level already does that.
    thanks PhpStorm inspections plugin for annoying the shit out of me until
    this makes it much less expensive for players to move around when anti-cheat is disabled. And let's be honest... who uses this shit anyway
    shit's useless and an annoyance.
    I wish they'd stop changing this shit... this is the third or fourth time now?
    lots of servers are currently running in insecure mode without realizing because of old Genisys shit configs?!

    api3/blocks users: I am sorry I kept you waiting so long
    Sorry, this DOES NOT FIX creative, blame Mojang. https://bugs.mojang.com/browse/MCPE-20070
    Sorry 'bout that.
twbs/bootstrap + (-34) -
    fuck that other class, let's just get tabs and pills in there
    fuck around with card borders and more
    fuck around with responsive reflow table idea
    Don't copy-pasta all the Sass docs because fuck keeping that up to date. Instead, point to https://github.com/twbs/bootstrap-sass/blob/master/README.md.
    Revert to CSScomb 1.1.0 because 1.2.0 and 1.2.1 fuck up our compiled CSS
    Sass docs; LESS to Less because fuck caps
    Half fix for #9855: Don't fuck with margins for open modal dialog on account of Lion non-scrollbars and inconsistencies elsewhere
    fuck aside and main elements, use divs so IE8 doesn't shit the bed
    Fuck a color purple
    * Drop the `rgba()` border and fallback because fuck that noise
    holy fuck those were small buttons)
    fuck everything about .clear_float() -- restore .clearfix() as mixin
    update getting started to reflect latest changes; pull list of components because fuck that
    Rename .hero-unit to .jumbotron becaue fuck dashes in filenames and sports metaphors are cooler than ad ones
    Drop .label component. Instead, just use .badge because fuck dupe code and stuff.
    Remove support for multiple buttons in input groups because fuck that shit.

    hack the headings for sticky header so shit doesn't overlap
    fix broke shit, ugh my bad
    rewrite tab with new active shit
    some minor alert shit
    unfuck all that watch shit
    fix vars, grunt that shit
    overhaul nav and shit again
    - Turned long lists of callouts--like those on tooltips, plugings, etc--into a list because holy shit that's overwhelming
    use grunt-html instead of grunt-html-validation because holy shit it's fast
    fix broke shit, recompile
    fix more broke shit, run grunt
    frontmatter that shit up
    frontmatter all that shit
    Nuke shit I added in 4d7b2ddba92e47f923d22d9d7b23cb7b0a3e0bc2 that shouldn't come until v4
    fixes #9509: add margin around buttons so they don't shit the bed when wrapping
    fuck aside and main elements, use divs so IE8 doesn't shit the bed
    herpy derpy shit for urls
    Vurrriables and shit
    Holy fucking shit fix that input group with buttons rounded corner noise
    restore glyphicons docs styles and then overhaul the shit out of them
    Holy shit, buttons, button states, and input states updated
    fix ghetto ass timeout shit
    Remove support for multiple buttons in input groups because fuck that shit.
    rewrite the grid system. Clean shit up tons - only generate 12 columns by default - custom builder will do differently if you request it.
    help tables not look like shit on mobile maybe? also fix bordered table example
    zebra stripe that shit
    delete that shit
    Added main topbar and shit.

    Fix #17288 — Sorry about that!
    Sorry, I f'd up the rebase in #17186
    There has not been a release of libsass with this fix yet, sorry!
    Sorry that took so long :D.
    Super lame typo on my part, sorry @necolas :)
    P.S. Sorry for 2 pull requests with the same problem..
rethinkdb/rethinkdb + (-10) -
    well, fuck me
    Removed "Jesus fucking christ what the fuck is this shit" comment.
    Removed the "TODO: Coroutines" line for the ls_start_existing_fsm_t because why the fuck would you refactor fragile code in the serializer.
    Removing TBD disk stat 'cause it's hard and fuck it, adding block_size stat to allow the clients to compute memory usage
    Adding support for renaming namespaces, machines, and datacenters in the UI. Also, Sam is removing curses from the codebase, and I disagree. So, to a make a point, fuck, shit, balls, cunt, whore, motherfucker, ass.
    Make buf_locks home_thread fuck up free.
    Fuck it just check it in.
    Fuck you you valgrind motherfucking piece of shit
    Another nightly build test (fuck the fucking fuckers)

    shit is REALLY broken
    More tests -- you guys have a looooot of shit to fix
    Removed "Jesus fucking christ what the fuck is this shit" comment.
    Fixes #1220 and a bunch of other shit
    Lord only knows if this shit works.
    Yup more of this shit.
    Adding support for renaming namespaces, machines, and datacenters in the UI. Also, Sam is removing curses from the codebase, and I disagree. So, to a make a point, fuck, shit, balls, cunt, whore, motherfucker, ass.
    Adding a shit ton of alert msges in namespace view
    Making pluralization not be shit. Closes #636.
    Fixing navigation (removing tabs because we now have nav bar, setting the right active link, making shit not retarded in general)
    Fixing makefile on suse to be no shit
    Fuck you you valgrind motherfucking piece of shit
    Get that weak "naive" shit outta here. This metablock manager is a grown man.
    The shit is getting real with stats, adds in support for function pointers as well as static values.
    We were deleting shit on a different core than where we allocated - bad bad us, caused all kinds of bugs
    Fixing a shit ton of allocation issues - watch the alloc system people\!\!\!

    Committed to 'next' by accident, sorry.
    cluster_version_t::v1_15 skipped a numeric value. This sets it to 3. Sorry, will break tables on next.
    Sped up unit test a little bit (still slow, sorry)
    Sorry, this was not supposed to go into next.
    The merge contained un-reviewed changes. Sorry.
    Implemented filter_iterator_t.  I'm... sorry.
    Sorry, until it's fixed, our unit-test suite will die with an assertion,
    Place code in the right function. (sorry, this broke most of the tests)
    Changed co_acquire_large_value to co_acquire_large_buf.. sorry.
    I fucked this up really badly. Sorry.
    Whoops, sorry for the horrible client bug
coleifer/peewee + (-9) -
    Fuck psycopg2-2.8 and their 9000 new exception classes.
    Fuck python3
    FUCK postgres arrays holy shit.
    Fuck python3
    Fuck python 3.
    Fuck python3
    Fuck python3
    Fuck python3
    Ugh fuck python 3

    Mark 3.8 as allow failures in travis-shit-i.
    Each one is a unique shit snowflake.
    FUCK postgres arrays holy shit.
    Removing sweepea tests, shit was ridick
    Deleting sweepea, shit was silly
    Holy shit. It doesn't look like much but this one simple change will now
    Shit, committed a pdb

    "vanilla" tests pass again, Travis... Sorry.
    Fixing #27 again per the latest comments, thanks and sorry for the delay
lutris/lutris + (-9) -
    This single fucking line just cost me hours of frustrations and I'm now pissed off, fuck this shit, motherfucker
    Brainfuck is not a proper example of a game's language unless the goal is to fuck with the reader's brain
    what the fuck is this shit, I cleaned up this module yesterday
    Fixing rebase fuck ups, round 2
    Fix rebase fuck ups
    Fuck this shit
    Fuck you, rebase
    Fuck you Jenkins, fuck you, DIAF

    If the Fedora shit breaks the SUSE shit, I just delete it, OK? (Closes #1700)
    This single fucking line just cost me hours of frustrations and I'm now pissed off, fuck this shit, motherfucker
    Might as well put xalign back since glade is an untrustworthy piece of shit
    Add MS-DOS icon (it's shit)
    what the fuck is this shit, I cleaned up this module yesterday
    Fuck this shit
    thinking about getting the selection of that shit

    I accidentally modified this file in my previous submission, sorry.
    Sorry, had to do this, for Wing IDE uses the same Python path for the
tldr-pages/tldr + (-3) -
    fuck: add Indonesian translation (#8939)
    fuck: add Hindi translation (#8642)
    7za, 7zr, ansible-galaxy, convert, dd, exa, fuck, git-*, gpg, ls, mv: sync German page (#6226)
    Update pages/common/fuck.md
    Fuck: add yes flag command
    echo, fdroid, fdroidcl, ffprobe, ffsend, fg, firefox, fortune, fuck, g++, gdb, gpg2, grep: add German translation (#5361)
    fuck: add link to homepage
    fuck: add page (#1139)

    Upper to lower case - sorry.
    Upper to lower case - thanks and sorry
    Upper to lower case - sorry, my native tongue uses way more upper characters
    Sorry for the messup. Unmutilated nm pages
    Sorry for the messup. Unmutilated nm pages
    Sorry for long delay.
Bash-it/bash-it + (-38) -
    Add fuck/please aliases, playing nicely with thefuck plugin
    Add fuck/please aliases, playing nicely with thefuck plugin
    Renames thefuck alias file to fuck
    Renamed/updated "the fuck"
    Renamed fuck alias file
    Renamed the fuck plugin
    Updated init code for fuck
    Moved to a plugin, removed "fuck" alias.

    Opps, I overlook the file! XD, sorry.
    Added newpost plugin. Creates a new jekyll post with the current date, and a user specified title. Even fills in the YAML Front Matter. Sorry if that seemed like bragging, I just wanted everyone to notice so they could make use of it better...
ppy/osu + (30) -
    Merge pull request #19212 from peppy/fix-audio-equality-fuck
    Merge pull request #19050 from peppy/fix-mono-fuck-off
    Merge pull request #18811 from peppy/fix-realm-migration-fuck
    Merge pull request #17997 from peppy/fix-what-the-fuck
    Merge pull request #17416 from peppy/skin-fuck
    Merge branch 'master' into skin-fuck

    Rename EF classes to allow for shit to hit the fan
    Merge pull request #15567 from peppy/serialisation-shit
    Fix the shit
    Fix much dropdown shit.
    Tidy shit up; reduce number of unnecssesary events being fired.

    Damn, i forgor. Sorry, CI runners.
    Seems to only happen in tests, but better safe than sorry.
    Sorry for the revert-unrevert, rushly pushed without realizing it
    sorry about the style fixes... I'm using JetBrains Rider from now on.
    Revert "Revert "forgot to remove something... sorry""
    Revert "forgot to remove something... sorry"
    forgot to remove something... sorry
    Sorry, bot overlords.
    I'm done experimenting, sorry
    Now handles drag at a PlaylistList.ItemsScrollContainer level (private class), and PlaylistList itself is no longer a Container so it only supports adding BeatmapSets. Sorry for the rewrite x.x.
    Fix license headers (sorry I have to do this as post-processing for now cos VS 2017...).
    Better safe than sorry
dmlc/dgl + (-7) -
    * fuck you
    * fuck matthias
    * fuck
    * fuck
    * fuck pylint
    * fuck
    * fuck

    * oops sorry
    * sorry
mono/mono + (1) -
    what the fuck, Steve!). The problem has not surfaced earlier because
            changes as they're broken and completely fuck up the debugger.
    Don't fuck here ;-)
    threading tests fuck 2.0, news at 11
    oops, build systemf fuck up
    Don't fuck with the locks here.

    Shit happens

    I've implemented a heap of missing RTF and RichTextBox stuff, and also made some improvements or fixes to various aspects of it. I'm sorry this is so big...
    Sorry, should probably get a coffee :(
    Actually, really fix my last build - sorry for the breakage.
    Sorry about the churn, the previous commit contained an unintended chunk.
        are probably very low, but better safe than sorry.
    Sorry for breaking linux.
    Sorry grampa, no Slackware 8.0 anymore.
            registry on Unix platforms. (Sorry it took me so long to do
    Fix wrong date in my entry to ChangeLog files. Sorry! :((
    Sorry for the noise, but the property is also virtual :)
            [ Sorry, my previous commit accidentally commited some work in
    Changelog from last commit. Sorry ;)
    fix the build break, sorry.
    Ooops, sorry for the breakage.
    duplicate ChageLog entry, sorry
    oops, sorry about this;   Thanks Robert for pointing this out
    Credit Hubert on the patch, sorry to have forgotten about it
    Remove my mistake, sorry and apologies to everyone
    Forgot to commit that one, sorry about that
    Sorry, nothing to see here
    remove 2 CWL's.  sorry about that
    Implementation of the DisplayNameAttribute class and associated tests. The previous had TraceEventCache.cs mentioned in the System.dll.sources file - it shouldn't have been there. Sorry about the problem it caused.
    * RegistryValueOptions.dll: Added the real one (sorry!).
    Another build fix, sorry
            time. Sorry for all the trouble.
    Sorry about that
    Added, sorry about that
    Ooops - sorry for being an idiot.
    - Re-did the fix after checking in HandleData. Sorry for breaking the build :-(
            * delegate.cs: Fixed my fix from yesterday, sorry about that.
    Actually commit changes to configure.in.  Sorry, they got left out, somehow, last time.
    cvs ignores, sorry about the spam
    Maintainability improvements.  Sorry, I'm still in the scratch-an-itch
    Sorry Sorry Sorry
    Rollback latest change. Sorry
            a strongname told me. Sorry Ron :(
    sorry for my mistake.
            * ChallengeResponse.cs: Sorry I must have a profesionnal problem with
    I can't think of a good way of writing test cases for this at the moment, sorry.
            * mb-tokenizer.cs, driver.cs: Back to Linux line-endings, SORRY
    Sorry about the bumps everyone...
    forgot to add Literal.cs :) (sorry it's 6am)
            * Changelog: My editor decided to add a CR to each line. Sorry about that.
            well.  Sorry, this fixes the bug Gonzalo tried to fix.
            well.  Sorry, this fixes the bug Gonzalo tried to fix.
            * ChangeLog: Sorry it seems that I couldn't find the right combinaison
    Fix makefile, sorry about that
            * Exception.cs: reverted formating/endline changes (sorry guys)
    sorry, forgot to add it.
    Mwa-ha-ha-ha.  Err, sorry.
    Sorry about this
    Sorry I forgot the Line: 10
    Bug again, sorry :-(
                    Sorry, I missed this on the last commit.
    Oooops, this was an accident, sorry for the breakage.
            * decl.cs (FindType): Sorry about this, fixed the type lookup bug.
    Remove debug message - sorry, guys !
    Forgot to commit this for acs last night. sorry.
    Very start. Sorry no NANT or make support yet
    Sorry about that
    Ooooops, sorry for being stupid ....
    Complete the deployment of the `os' directory.  SOrry about the previous
            it does not break the build on windows. Sorry if it does).
    - better going to sleep now, sorry
    Forgot to commit this file, sorry.
            property if there is more than one argument.  Sorry about that.
    Sorry about that, differing times in machines made me commit this bug
    Forgot to check this in. Sorry.
            locating our system dir.  Sorry about this.
    Reverting patch to not break the build. Sorry.
    ops, it should build again, I am sorry
                    Forgot to commit this for a while.  Sorry 'bout that.
            * Forgot to cvs add them before I commited (cvs-newbie error, sorry)
lilybeevee/bab-be-u + (15) -
    fuck conflict
    oh my god how the fuck did i forget to turn this off
    i tried to add WINDO but fuck this, i gave up
    what the fuck git

    not sure what I'm doing sorry
    sorry if i accidentally copied an outdated version of your level.
    sorry but i really want it
    sorry lily, but it didn't work great in practice
    sorry vit, you can have another go at it when you make unit tests pass
    err like this sorry
    missed a print sorry
arkenfox/user.js + (0) -
    The point was that google have said (stated in policy, but fuck knows where that is located these days) that it is anonymized and not used for tracking. It's an API used by **_4 billion devices_** - the API has privacy policies for use. If a whistleblower or someone else found out that google was using this to enhance their user profiling, then all hell would break loose. And they don't even need this to fuel their ad revenue. It is provided, gratis, to the web to help ensure security - they wouldn't dare taint it and get it caught up in a privacy scandal involving **+4 billion devices_**. And in all this time (since 2007), there has been no such whistleblower or proof it is used to track or announcements by google of changes to the contrary.
    Anyway, this is Firefox and hashes are part hashes bundled with other real hashes - and we turned off real time binary checks. So this line can fuck the fuck off. It was meant to reassure those who want the security of real-time binary checks, that privacy "shouldn't" be an issue, but I'm not going to expand on it
    - reinforce not to fuck with the cipher suite in the cipher's sub-section
    they're not just using private tickets to hide security critical information from potential hackers and blackhats, no they also use it to hide shady AF things. Things that they fully know are shady as fuck and that they absolutely know a lot of people would not like. There's simply no other reason why they'd do that
    loops forever - fuck it

      - most break shit
    move shit around
    remember the new Coverage Telemetry shit? with a **hidden** opt-out pref? guess what, they are already collecting for 3 months ...
    but wait, that's not all. If you think an opt-out pref that 99% of people wouldn't know about even if it showed up in about:config BUT ALSO HAPPENS TO BE HIDDEN is kind of questionable, well ... the system addon that they use for this shit apparently looked or still looks for `toolkit.telemetry.coverage.opt-out` [1] instead of `toolkit.coverage.opt-out` as their documentation [2] claims
    It's time to opt out of all that shit for good. Disable system addon updates and kill it at the root
    shit is so fast I can't even read

       - ESR78 users (who can't use font vis), sorry, but we made doc fonts inactive for a while now, and now recommend you don't use it anyway
    Sorry, the patch for 59 was backed out, so RFP users will have to put up with CTRL key issues until 60 lands
    Sorry, but AFAIK, with this enabled it clears web extension storage when clear "offsite website data" is checked on close or manually (which we do in the user.js). Note also that even with this enabled, the UI settings are disabled, and the data-on-disk calculation never finishes, so at this point, its a bit useless to enable it until we figure that out. Will be back in 7 days
anchorcms/anchor-cms + (16) -
    fuck I think I broke something
    fuck you content directory
    man, fuck one click upgrade. Fixed `allow_fopen_url` issue.
    fuck you responsive
    minified THE FUCK outta those images

    open source n shit
    getting errors and shit
    making shit all neat like
YunYang1994/tensorflow-yolov3 + (-3) -
    fuck yolov3
    fuck yolov3
    fuck yolov3
    fuck tensorflow
    fuck tensorflow
shengxinjing/programmer-job-blacklist + (16) -
ish-app/ish + (4) -
    what the fuck travis
    Fuck webpack, use parcel instead
    Add goto and fuck counters
sveltejs/kit + (27) -
    * fix the wrong fix, FUCK THIS MERGE IS KILLING ME
    * oh do fuck off windows
    * goddammit typescript why are you like this. fuck
    * fuck you, windows

    * unicode warning symbol looks strangely shit - use a yellow triangle instead
    * holy shit the tests are starting to pass
    * holy shit i think this works on windows
    * just skip the test because i dont have time for this shit right now
tmux-python/tmuxp + (2) -
    fuck pep8
    fuck man this is a disgrace, lol. 0.0.5
    travis type again. fuck

    holy shit
    holy shit it's kind of working
pwn20wndstuff/Undecimus + (-6) -
    Fuck that guy :/
    Fuck this mount point and everything it stands for
    Fuck jailbreakd

    Shit doesn't add up

    Use lzma for strap, and remove extra stuff from bootsrap (sorry kiddies you'll need to install things from Cydia)
    Fuck twitter (continued)
    Fuck You Twitter :-(
    Works locally, not on Travis, dunno why. Fuck it.
    Works on my box, not on Travis. Fuck that test.

    Telling about how GoDaddy is shit

    Fix, typo, extra space, oops, sorry
NodeBB/NodeBB + (4) -
    appeasing Travis CI, 'cause fuck code reuse, right?
    fuck, I am dumb.
    fuck git pt 2
    fuck git

    reverting change to User.search that added "timing" to the return of User.search. Such a change can only be made for 0.4.0, sorry!
jessesquires/JSQMessagesViewController + (-4) -
    merge. fuck you xcode
    wtf fuck you xcode
    revert changes from #702. causes other side effects. re-open #450. fuck keyboards. fuck this shitty keyboard API. and fuck iOS 8.1.3 goddammit. more beer please.
    rebuild xcode project - fuck you xcode. update assets (#). clean up file imports. use modern objC. update podfile.

    Forget about the indexPath, sorry about that.
hubotio/hubot + (3) -
    Version bump to fix my fuck up
    Fuck commas
    require.paths aint nuthin to fuck with
    fuck a color history
Mrs4s/go-cqhttp + (-12) -
    fuck goland2021.1
    fuck ci again.
    fuck ci.
OpenEmu/OpenEmu + (1) -
    Update the helper and extra bullshit to ensure this fuck-wittery actually works. Which it seems like it does. Holy fucking shit.
    Remove waitUntilExit as it  causes exceptions if a QCPlugin is stopped and quickly restarted. Since NO ONE waits, we can safely tell the background app to fuck off and not worry about it.
    Another CRT fix. Fixed stupid box due to mis-handling of image sizes due to render context size changes. Fuck this shit.

    Remove warning since I am a stickler for that shit.
    Games Syphon Server now gets the title. Who wrote this shit?
    Update the helper and extra bullshit to ensure this fuck-wittery actually works. Which it seems like it does. Holy fucking shit.
    Refactor OEGameview and remove ivars, and use Objc-C 2.0 / 64 bit runtime shit as per our coding guidelines.
    Simplified nextResponder shit.
    Cleaned up bugs associated with NSViewController hackery, the responder chain is restored but no viewDelegate shit; apparently NSViewController doesn't like it.
    This is a shit version of Scale2xBR (3.5a) for clobber to try.
    will trigger the import sheet and actually bring shit in.
    Added DO protocol for delegate methods, added control/button release/pressing data. Added a shit psuedo controller UI to Debug App.
    Another CRT fix. Fixed stupid box due to mis-handling of image sizes due to render context size changes. Fuck this shit.
    Fix for duplicate release. Updated QCNes plugin to handle controller data properly, as well as updated javascript input handler code in QC patches. All is well with the world. LETS FUCKING DO THIS SHIT.

    Enable Syphon for release builds (sorry, i forgot that).
    Spacing changes, sorry...
ohmyzsh/ohmyzsh + (-9) -
    The Fuck plugin (https://github.com/nvbn/thefuck)
    fuck: added a basic plugin for https://github.com/nvbn/thefuck
    "/usr/bin/python2" does not exist on Mac OSX (see #2382), so fuck people who have

    README.md: shit load -> shit-load (#6344)
    * README.md: shit load -> shit-load
    * README.md: shit-load -> shitload
    Adding critical security patch to let you all know I'm on top of this shit. add 'nyan' to your plugins... then run  for security upgrade.

    (Sorry my bad).
    Philips theme, sorry :-/
Homebrew/legacy-homebrew + (-41) -
    Add one more test to assert the presence and correctness of a `fuck`
    Also fuck you dumb user who can't figure out what "No such file or directory - getcwd" means so you force me to waste half an hour fixing it for you.
    I'd happily never upgrade pkg-config. Glib is a hideous and bloated POS, generally you can avoid installing it, but now fucking pkg-config depends on it. Fuck that.

    It is fucking amazing how much shit breaks if CWD is invalid. Fucking amazing.
    Rationale: people break their installs by mixing sudo and non-sudo usage. They are used to having to `sudo port install` and shit like that, so I understand why the mixing happens.

    My fault, sorry!
    and "Sorry, but the website you are looking for is suspended."
    Sorry get the wrong one in the previous commit
    Sorry :(
    Please reinstall swig. Sorry :(
    using "without-x" anyway. Sorry!
    Sorry for this regression. HEARTS AND HUGS --mxcl
    Sorry, I meant to use ENV.compiler
    added as commented-out code (I'm sorry) so that maintainers can uncomment
    Fix syntax error, sorry about that.
    this caused problems for us. Sorry Rogue Amoeba. I'd suggest not installing your
    Sorry for the noise.
    Missing end. Doing too many things at once. Sorry.
    Dumb mistake. Sorry.
    Fix Qt X11 changes indentation. Sorry, vim sucks!
    lsof bump 4.84 correction (sorry)
    We shouldn't ever really have these but better to be safe than sorry.
    Sorry about this not fixed previously. Not sure why.
    Sorry, fixes syntax error
    My idea of tidy, sorry Adam…
    Fix fish formula due to bad cherry-pick -- sorry :(
diaspora/diaspora + (-25) -
    optimized images (safes a few bits and makes pagespeed shut the fuck up )
    optimized images (safes a few bits and makes pagespeed shut the fuck up )

    shit we violoated the LDML
    in the shit

    Looks like I didn't pay enough attention while hitting that green button, sorry
    Sorry this took so long to merge in guys, I had this weird feeling that I had already done so. Looks like the 'X' button is coming after the custom popover HTML so this looks OK to merge in.
    MS DC; text now overlays for wallpaper; ALSO. really sorry @danielgrippis stuff does not work in firefox.  or safari.
    sorry aobut that [ci skip]
    sorry :( Revert "adding custom landing page for heroku" [ci skip]
    whoops, dashes and symbols, ya know, I'm sorry [ci skip]
    Uh I'm sorry about that, why did nobody every complain about this? oO
    to whoever is following along at home. I am sorry. testing travis by pushing is not fun
    unsfw - sorry Kinky Joe!
    fix typo, sorry [ci skip]
    Merge pull request #2714 from stwf/im-sorry-bye-vanna
    Merge remote branch 'upstream/master' into im-sorry-bye-vanna
    we do not need to require this file here. sorry about that
    paranthesis ftw, sorry for the noise
    sorry left some puts
    Sorry, only for the user name link
    attempt #2.  sorry to the mailing list, we will get this fixed soon
    fix the viewport for real this time.  sorry about all of the emails
    Revert "deleted unused file".  sorry!! :(
    I stop coding for today, sorry -.-
    basename vs. dirname fail -.-, sorry my bad
    fixed the batch emailer tests... sorry it took me so long
    we need this for socketing... sorry
    we need this for socketing... sorry
    status messages validate on presence of message OR one or more photos.  took gifs out of carrierwave's whitelist, SORRY JAMIE.
    some more fixes I overlooked. Sorry
    sorry i broke the deploy script
    Sorry rspec
    sorry about that, removed tiny mce, but we still had things which inited it
    sorry for the monster commit.... 4 small chores...1) moved tons of dynamic javascript to haml partials in the new js view folder, and moved some of the js that got put in the application layout into view.js 2. set up a static config prefrence loader in initializers, loaded from yaml 3) fixed the top right login text from being pushed over. 4) fixed a bug when no user is on the node and someone hits the landing page.... you still cant create a new user from there, but now at least it doesnt blow up.
    forgot to add partial file to git...sorry
    We are sorry.
    fixed the stupid addressable bug, also started playing with 1.9.2...sorry for the spaced out commit
memcached/memcached + (-4) -
    fuck * 2.
    Fuck me this is embarrassing. I got it right once, then flipped them

    - evil shit happens.
    shit, I should've started this list years ago.  this is just from

    sorry, I'm still getting back into the swing of things. uring is still a
    don't normally exercise the UMEM code :( sorry!
    SIGH. sorry.
yuzu-emu/yuzu + (-6) -
    Merge pull request #9583 from FernandoS27/fuck-ogl-already
    fuck git for ruining my day, I will learn but I will not forgive
    fuck git for ruining my day, I will learn but I will not forgive

    Merge pull request #3477 from FearlessTobi/webapplet-shit

    Merge pull request #7027 from ameerj/sorry-amd
    Doing this from work via GitHub - Sorry for not combining with previous commits
    Doing this from work via GitHub - Sorry for not combining with previous commits
scikit-learn/scikit-learn + (37) -
Author: Vinicius Rios Fuck <viniciusrf1992@gmail.com>
Author: Vinicius Rios Fuck <viniciusrf1992@gmail.com>
Author: Vinicius Rios Fuck <viniciusrf1992@gmail.com>

    Update to mean shit clustering narrative documentation.

    Updated the code, sorry for putting in lackluster pull requests. Will put in more attention to detail, something silly like putting in commands after the function ended was easy to prevent.
    sorry, i'm rusty
    Resolve the Circle error. Sorry for the mess.
    Two typo on my change, sorry
    Trailing comma removed, sorry.
    @agramfort: sorry: a better read of the code told me that it was
    Sorry for the noise.
    Sorry, I should have reviewed #2978 more carefully.
    Sorry for the noise.
    Sorry, should have tested.
    revert: reverted l1_ratio change - not SGDRegressor - sorry
    Sorry for the noise :s
    ugly. Sorry
    FIX whoops sorry!
    FIX bug in callable kernel decision function - Sorry, I think that was me.
    FIX manifold example - sorry, my bad.
    Sorry about that.
    FIX two more docstrings. Sorry.
    FIX docstring for count vectorizer. Sorry about that.
    MISC Added unconfigured windows box to mailmap. Sorry about that.
    Fix broken bot (sorry for that!)
    MISC scikits.learn removal at .12. I'm not so good at counting, sorry.
    FIX whooops sorry
    Sorry, other typo
reactiveui/ReactiveUI + (-37) -
    For fuck's sake NuGet, I don't care
    Fuck WinRT so hard
    Fuck a color CSL, implement our own

    Holy shit this is a million years old

    rectifies this sorry state of affairs.
    Sorry - couldn't resist practising during your talk.
danbooru/danbooru + (-6) -
    Fuck it, just hardcode it. They rewrite certain parts of our markup so
    AddThis apparently pulls in a script from z.moatads.com now. Fuck that.
    How the fuck has this been broken for 7 years.

    artists: make artist pages less shit.
xenia-project/xenia + (-10) -
    Oh for fuck's sake. Fixing vperm128 decoding.
    Moving all kernel files around just to fuck with whoever's keeping track ;)
    Adding stack alignment check. We aren't 16b aligned right now. Fuck.

    Optimizing page allocation (still shit) and adding MmSetAddressProtect.
TheOdinProject/theodinproject + (9) -
    Fuck heroku, giving up on custom stylesheets for pages

    took away the stupid bootstrap helper gem because it didn't do shit and manually added the helper
SpaceVim/SpaceVim + (5) -
    Fuck robots
    Fuck pascal command
    Fuck the lint
ooliver1/nextcord.gay + (14) -
    fix: fuck do i need to checkout

    fix: sorry tea i forgor
Jack-Cherish/python-spider + (0) -
    Update fuck-byted-acrawler.js
    Create fuck-byted-acrawler.js
    Create fuck-byted-acrawler.js
CatchChat/Yep + (-25) -
    create new feed in scroll view (Fuck Ray! And Ray fuck Kevin!)
    update Crashlytics; disable ENABLE_BITCODE for Push (Fuck it!)
    add WeixinSDK (Fuck it!)
leachim6/hello-world + (10) -
    Merge pull request #436 from potherca-contrib/fuck
    Fixes typo in programming language named "Fuck"
    I've reverted this because brainf*fuck.bf was deleted for some reason (?)
WerWolv/ImHex + (22) -
    sys: Literally, fuck Valve
    build: Fixed unit tests on linux. Fuck cmake...
    Once again Ubuntu is fucking outdated by over a year for literally no reason. Fuck this
sqlmapproject/sqlmap + (-10) -
    fuck yea
    fuck, sorry, 0 was OK (STRCMP() returns 0 if the strings are the same)
    fuck yea, first tests (MySQL/--tables & --common-prediction) are great :)

    Implementation for #2552 (sorry @mg98)
    sorry Bernardo, i hope your mobile is turned off :)))
    fuck, sorry, 0 was OK (STRCMP() returns 0 if the strings are the same)
    sorry, even more proper naming should be like this (passwd is a standard naming for this kind of function(s))
    sorry, cosmetics
hamza1311/BitchBot + (-32) -
    what the fucking fuck did i do
    fuck chrome
    random embed colors, fuck format_error, formatting
twisted/twisted + (6) -
    Revert r17926 - doesn't work on Windows (Fuck Yes I Said It)
    What the fuck?

    Don't raise the "I shit myself" error, because raising it was obscuring other errors from being reported; just print the "I shit myself" message.
    Remove 'unfortunate' (and out-dated) testing shit comment (closes #534)
    Holy *shit* -- correct EXPIRE and LOGIN-DELAY support *SORT OF*
    or someone else, is most likely going to break shit, because this
    Texinfo is a piece of shit, may it burn forever in the deepest part of hell
    don't put color shit, this is clean html

    tested in production and missed one, sorry!
    We're sorry.
    Didn't mean to commit this to trunk, sorry. :(
    Author: glyph, itamar, exarkun, (perhaps others sorry if I forgot you)
    I can't use combinator, this was some other fix.  Sorry.
    sorry I'm late I brought some quotes
    sorry guys I went a little crasy there
    blacklist VFS from this release of Core. Sorry cablehead. :(
    import sys, sorry :-(
    poking buildbot, sorry for the noise, almost done
    poking buildbot, sorry for the noise
    poking buildbot, sorry for the noise
    poking buildbot, sorry for the noise
    poking buildbot, sorry for the noise
    Moving this to my sandbox. Sorry for flooding the commit log lately.
    Oops, sorry about your head.
    Mortal limitations: back with a vengeance (accidental commit - sorry)
    Fix Lore markup.  Sorry, <font color="blue"> is *not* valid.
    Unbreak itamar's code by understanding what rstrip(chars) really means.  Sorry!
    Sorry for the frequency of commits but when you're testing against buildbot...
    committed to early, sorry.
    (Perspective.attached): 1.35 actually show a hostname.  Sorry
    Back out exarkun's cReactor.__dict__ change. Sorry, it broke on python-2.1
    Gah. Sorry.
    It's --exp not --export. sorry.
    I am an idiot, sorry.
    Leslie, so help me God, I'm sorry.
    Sorry, no docs or examples yet.  We need some good multi-service code to show
    Sorry glyph -- bascking out my changes.
    Added ability to insert html files using generate-domdocs. Sorry if this is really stupid. Should probably add css styles for html files instead of relying on the py ones.
    A second attempt at a prePathURL fix -- distributed webservers will break again (sorry)
    sorry dash, but the fact that append only takes one argument is /not/ a Python 2.x bug.
    (Sorry for the delay, cvs.twistedmatrix.com was borked)
    Sorry, glyph.
    removed LIST implementation (sorry kevin!)
SirFrancisBillard/cityrp + (-35) -
    Vastly improved a shit ton of fuck. Cleaned up and deleted out lots of junk code. Optimized tons of stuff, most notably Battle Royale and Volatile.
    -and what the fuck is wrong with volatile?

    Holy shit, that car bomb code sucked.
    Vastly improved a shit ton of fuck. Cleaned up and deleted out lots of junk code. Optimized tons of stuff, most notably Battle Royale and Volatile.
    Incredible amount of new shit
    Pickles and shit
    Random shit idk

    Ruined the 69 commits, sorry.
tailwindlabs/tailwindcss + (-9) -
    * Just use `list-image-*` fuck it
    Letter spacing not line height dumb fuck

    Make shit white
    Trying to make watch script less shit
    Trying to make watch script less shit
    don't need to quote the shit out of everything but classes will always
catarse/catarse + (-1) -
    fix back project test. Fuck YEAH!
    finish the new home, fuck yeah!

    Removes 'shit' from our console
    - Removed the "ProjectsIndexView" shit. As the script had just 2 lines
    This shit was running with migrations.
    redirect working as expected with mocks and shit

    Sorry, everytime I wanted to do a simple instance variable set, this
    sorry, wrong cache_store
    Sorry, I was looking for h4 a, but you can't hit it at all.
    bad bad boy. sorry guys.
    fixed ugly syntax error. sorry.
sparklemotion/nokogiri + (8) -
    fuck mkmf.  I will defeat your with my triple alias action
    fucking libxml-ruby.  making sure no global variable callbacks fuck us.  closes #33

    fixing shit for 1.8.6
    fixing shit for 1.8.6
        making shit work with ffi
    shit, accidentally committed some experimental code. removing.

    installation documentation was super-confusing. sorry about that!
    Revert.  This was work in progress and not meant to be pushed.  Sorry.
radareorg/radare2 + (31) -
    fix o- Fuck You RCoreFile
    Dont fuck with old capstone

    close all descriptors in case of fork error or when shit happens
    oups; clean up the removal of weird-shit in r_core_read_at
    remove some weird-shit-wrapper-code in r_core_read_at

    Before this commit, the situation was quite sorry:
    Sorry I only considered the case where a minus sign is before `oldstr`, actually this should be the correct way to handle that so arguments like `8(%rbp)` and `28(%rbp)` will work too.
    but I really need to sleep before. Sorry about this.
    Fix a previous mistake of mine in rahash. Sorry :/
    Sorry for the huge patch, but there is nothing special. We just move
    sorry, I thought, that the hardware were addressed in the rom, but I was wrong http://www.romhacking.net/documents/%5B544%5DGameBoyProgrammingManual.pdf (page 218)
    sorry, i didn't thought nintendo would use the rsts, but they do ("super mario land" for example).
mxcl/PromiseKit + (36) -
    Fuck off codecov
    Why the fuck cannot I not name files like I want to CocoaPods? Why?

    Document how shit CocoaPods is
    CocoaPods insists that this file be in the root, which is dumb. So I blame their inflexible and shit tooling.
    Due to CorePromise having 10.10, subspecs must specify at least this, even though, you know, CocoaPods could give a shit about my DX and automatically infer this.

    Sorry Carthage users, but what else can we do here?
    Means we no longer support Swift 3.1 on Linux. Sorry. Progress, etc.
    Fix tests. Sorry.
picocms/picocms.github.io + (38) -
    Portfolio: Change process order to shorten the window of "fuck up everything"
    With this mess of a code I wasn't able to track the bug down, so many useless and conflicting calls, that's impossible to understand. So I've decided to do a complete code refactoring. The result is a much smoother and easier-to-understand codebase that should be maintainable. Still far away from being perfect (both Isotope and jQuery fuck up the HTML code, thus it's basically impossible to get back to an "clean" state)... Not getting back to a "clean" state makes it quite impossible to make events abortable, so you'll have to wait until the closing animation is finished before the opening animation starts ("you" in terms of "your browser").

    Why the hell is Jekyll doing such crazy shit? It's silently prepending the GitHub Pages URL to `page.redirect_to`? WTF? Why? :rage:
hashicorp/vagrant + (-6) -
    almost expected at this point, but log4r decided to just fuck that.
    almost expected at this point, but log4r decided to just fuck that.

    Fix some rename shit

    I noticed that there wasn't a consistent usage of tabs or spaces at all in the file, so now there is. Sorry for the extra commit, file looks better now.
    Sorry, I missed that point in GH-2991 review.
trailblazer/trailblazer + (22) -
    fuck you, responders gem.
    Operation::[] now raises an exception when the contract is invalid. this makes it _extremely_ helpful when using Operations as test factories when you fuck up the initial params.

    lots of shit to make variable_mapping work for now.

    sorry, ruby 1.9. :)
andlabs/ui + (31) -
    Began final simplification of size code. spaced is now a global variable; either all controls are given spacing now, or none will. beginResize() is a method on container again. Done on GTK+ and Mac OS X for now. I'm going to go ahead and implement this on Windows in a bit, regardless of whether that Stack Overflow question get answered or not, because ugggggggggh I just want to continue working on this project for fuck's sake!
    Okay I'm done; fuck keyboards.

    Fixed the stupid 32-bit bug I did that fucking malloc pointer to struct instead of array of struct thing I always do again jesus fucking christ shit
RestKit/RestKit + (17) -
    Add documentation notes about how easy it is to fuck things up with relative paths
    Don't fuck with the snake.

    Cleaned up all warnings. Normalized method names. General cleanup of model mapping API. Shit is getting slick and maintainable!
fetlife/rollout + (-1) -
    fuck rake.
    fuck it. I hate formatting syntaxes

    change how we deal with gems and shit
timber/timber + (31) -
    ref #1293 -- fucking fuck
    ref #752 -- aww fuck it

    ref #1296 -- more debugging for this shit

    After considering it, this could have negative effects for some users, so better safe than sorry
    Adding avatar functionaility to timberComment (again) this time with some tests (my_first_tests, so sorry about them)
resque/resque + (9) -
    Fuck you Ruby 1.8
    this could be done with a first-child selector or something but fuck it

    shit together we won't anymore.
hassankhan/Sonic + (-4) -
    *sigh* fuck you, PHP 5.3
    Updated and refactored ``Zepto\FileLoader\PluginLoader``. Now throws a crapton of exceptions at you if you fuck anything up. Also fixed a bug to do with checking for a valid plugin name. Lots of other sit too, I can't really remember.

    Not sure if code is shit, or found bug in Travis-CI
DIYgod/RSSHub + (0) -
    fix: fuck some unstandard url (#2961)
    fix big number mistake and fuck js and close #59
jaywcjlove/awesome-mac + (-1) -
    * 添加the fuck
    * 添加the fuck
public-apis/public-apis + (-25) -
    Add "Fuck Off as a Service"
    Add "Fuck Off as a Service"

    a previous version of this commit accidentally made the wrong change, that was a rookie mistake. sorry.
    Fixed the space, sorry for that. 😄
    sorry, forgot to change the HTTPS column
    Sorry for late changes
    This was stupid: I have deleted a whole line. Sorry.
NekR/offline-plugin + (-18) -
    Fix dependencies. Fuck npm 6
    Fix dependencies. Fuck nvm 6
dlew/android-ragefaces + (1) -
    32: Added "fuck that taco" face
    - Fuck yeah (manly version)
android-hacker/VirtualXposed + (-9) -
    It is really metaphysics, fuck !!!!
    [VA]: fix anti-virus misjudge, fuck ESET-NOD32: a variant of Android/AdDisplay.AdLock.AL potentially unwanted.
allenai/allennlp + (-4) -
    * Fuck the linter
    * Fuck the linter

    * undo autoformatting on changelog (sorry!)
    It was in the wrong place. Sorry.
    Sorry, continuation of #1955 . Was able to run a model with this setting, so pretty sure I got it right this time around...
    Sorry to directly update your master branch; it's better to create a branch in your fork when making a PR.
OpenRA/OpenRA + (-1) -
    Merge pull request #3730 from Mailaender/fuck-msbuild

    the not yet merged asset browser slipped through, sorry
    added data solution for hacking that stuff. real VS only, sorry.
wix/react-native-navigation + (-7) -
    Russian warship - go fuck yourself
    Russian warship - go fuck yourself

    Thanks @Andarius for fixing this in #7069, sorry I didn't get to it in time 😓
    1. **Android support.** Sorry, I'm more of an iOS dev.
    fix compilation error, sorry :) (#2070)
    TitleBarButtonParams field 'enabled' is read from 'disabled' to match iOS and existing API. (sorry)
996icu/996.ICU + (3) -
Author: fuck 996 <fuck 996 @fuck your zhao.com>
    fuck 996
andrewfiorillo/sketch-palettes + (4) -
    grabbed colors from picker. wrote them to the desktop. read file into color picker. fuck yeah
    Fuck yeah. Palette successfully loaded from file into Sketch. Also, Will is the man.
spicetify/spicetify-cli + (15) -
    - Making `limit` customizable may lead to even more errors but fuck it I guess - it's better to have a choice than not, right?
    - Making `limit` customizable may lead to even more errors but fuck it I guess - it's better to have a choice than not, right?

    Attempting to fix my own f**kup, sorry.
vesoft-inc/nebula + (-36) -
    * Fuck the bug
1995parham/github-do-not-ban-us + (22) -
    Merge pull request #215 from erfan-mehraban/brain-fuck-erfan-mehraban
    Merge branch 'master' into brain-fuck-erfan-mehraban

    sorry @1995parham  :sob:
    yes i first wrote the wrong github pseudo sorry
awesome-selfhosted/awesome-selfhosted + (-1) -
    Remove "community" chat link. This is a fork, and I don't give a fuck.
    Add WTFDYUM (Why The Fuck Did You Unfollow Me)

    remove sorry cypress demo link (error 503)
    Add Sorry Cypress (#3015)
    Finally fixed up everything. Sorry about that.
    Fixed up the android client by adding [Clients] instead of actually making a separate line. Sorry
    Added "Standard Notes" to the list. Sorry if I made any mistakes, first time contributing on Github, apologies in advanced. Thanks!
    Sorry - I hadn't noticed the full stop at the end of each line. Should be fixed now.
    Sorry, I accidenta
libgit2/rugged + (2) -
    Fuck Windows.
    Tests are back to TestCase because Fuck Specs
celluloid/celluloid + (-30) -
    Fuck it, we're going to 0.5.0
    Fuck it, we're going to 0.5.0

    Logging was in pretty sorry shape before, with lots of duplicated log_error
PaddlePaddle/PaddleOCR + (3) -
    fuck rename
    fuck rename
rails/rails + (23) -
    Cleanup comments a bit and fuck 80 characters

    Remove "This shit is nasty" offensive wording from active record.
    Can't code for shit.
    All grown up and shit!
    No idea why on earth this hash key isn't already optimized by MRI, but it isn't. :shit:
    Stop using padding in the generated Gemfile -- it looks shit
    Everyone is running bundler, no need for defensive programming shit
    If you set a js_compressor, it means that you want shit compressed -- we dont need a second option to turn that on
    Do not inherit from Rack::Response, remove a shit-ton of unused code.
    No need to rescue here. Invoking the wrong method in an object can happen anywhere if you are not careful. In other words, test your shit.
    Fixes "Rack-mount boot time is slow as shit" [#3567 state:resolved]
    shit out of Rails core until we fix it.

    Sorry for this noise. I just want to figure out whether it is something unique
    I am so sorry. I accidentally applied this on top of another PR to do
    > For context to non-rails core: I also maintain sprockets (though a release hasn't happened in some time, sorry), and I have commit to Rails. I'm not some rando trying to push arbitrary links to READMEs on GitHub.
    place. Sorry we didn't catch this during code review :cry:
    I'm sorry for causing #24168. I wasn't aware of --no-helper and --no-assets.
    Sorry, forgot to include in my main PR :(
    Sorry for forgetting to include it in my original PR :grimacing:
    Sorry, I missed a few places in my last PR. This should be the last of
    I'm sorry but I would rather not link to a 7 year old blog post [ci skip]
    PR is needed to. Sorry! :sweat:
    sorry @robin850.
    This commit was added by mistake, sorry :bow:
    Sorry; I forgot about the guides when I submitted this patch.
    Revert "Small correction to contributing_to_rails in the section for testing ActiveRecord

This reverts commit 0cfbaa030a0684aaa89d3d3c85528e80c1995836.
Sorry did not see the section on MySql and PostgreSQL

# Please enter the commit message for your changes. Lines starting
# with '#' will be ignored, and an empty message aborts the commit.
# On branch master
# Changes to be committed:
#   (use "git reset HEAD <file>..." to unstage)
#	modified:   guides/source/contributing_to_ruby_on_rails.textile
    Sorry for editing this file.
    Reason: Sorry, CHANGELOGs can't be edited via docrails.
    cleans up PS1. Sorry lifo :)
    cleans up PS1. Sorry lifo :)
    sorry, the CI cannot lie to us anymore (Part II)
    sorry, the CI cannot lie to us anymore
    Reason: Sorry, CHANGELOGs can only be edited in master.
    sorry AR, my privates are none of your business
    Sorry, wrong patch applied.
    Sorry Pratik, typoed your name :)
    Fix has_many :through to add the appropriate conditions when going through an association using STI. Closes #5783. [Jonathan Viney]  (sorry, forgot to commit the actual files)
    sorry.  We discussed this on IRC and reached the conclusion that it was
ReactiveCocoa/ReactiveCocoa + (-8) -
    Migrate to LlamaKit, fuck up all build settings

    Header Shit Work
    test that shit
    test that shit
    synchronize that shit
    chain that shit
    unit test that shit
    test some shit

    sorry for the commit spamming 😁
facebook/react + (25) -
    Merge pull request #6243 from zpao/fuck-svg-2

    I had to add a couple of  comments because Flow was being a mysterious little shit and I got tired of trying to work around it.
    * Holy shit, 100% of ReactDOMServerIntegration tests are passing
    Delete useless shit in ReactMount
    Consolidate everything we can inject in core into one place. Does not expose publicly -- this is an internal moving of shit around.

    Should hopefully be final tweaks! Sorry about all the noise.
    Logical operators (yes, I'm sorry):
    Sorry , I'am not a native speaker:)
    We have unexpectedly had to shut Shirtstarter down, so it won't serve as a good React.js example any more unfortunately -- sorry for the documentation churn.
geohot/qira + (32) -
    fuck it, no more parents

    unbroke shit
    ugh stop breaking shit
    bug fixes of ida shit
    added ppc support, but big endian is shit
bolt/bolt + (-30) -
    Fuck you, Symfony. Why did you go and have to break the forms?

    Lock paragonie/random_compat at 1.x, to keep it from breaking shit.
    Lock paragonie/random_compat at 1.x, to keep it from breaking shit.
    Working on Extensions, getting shit done.

    Sorry, Yoda
    [Translation] Change 'Your account is disabled. Sorry about that.' to keyword 'general.phrase.login-account-disabled'
    Thanks, and sorry again!
    Sorry for the big commit, but as it is more a rewrite as refactoring...
    My bad. Sorry.
    sorry for previous pull request, didn't notice the more clever translations interfaces
    - Removed "About" (sorry @electrolinux. CKEditor is credited on the
pyrocms/pyrocms + (1) -
    Fuck that

    Shit shit
    Don't ignore this for out of the box shit
lando/lando + (-7) -
    #1410: fuck windows doesnt matter for docs and sites and things

    #0: Some weird shit that breaks D8 tests
    Fix busted apache shit
    #1410: Reorg misc shit and do first pass on new docs

    I'm sorry.
sequelize/sequelize + (27) -
    findAll optClone should not fuck with .col/.literal/.fn/.cast - fixes #1249

    Merge pull request #1363 from sequelize/refactor-annoying-shit
    replace random math shit in tests with easy accessor in the config file
    removed old shit

    Sorry @overlookmotel
    Sorry @mickhansen :(
    That will fix the bug on 'error: sorry, too many clients already'
Miserlou/Zappa + (-2) -
    fuck that decode anyway

    tired of this shit
    Fix some more tests. I think we can get rid of all trailing slash shit

    really sorry but my wordpress site at the subdomain where I held my blog (containing the article link I deleted) just vanished! Irretrievable! So, moving entirely over to static files blog from now on. Stupid wordpress.
    Bump already published setup version (sorry), bump lambdapackages, small doc link
Homebrew/brew + (-5) -
    Also fuck you dumb user who can't figure out what "No such file or directory - getcwd" means so you force me to waste half an hour fixing it for you.

    It is fucking amazing how much shit breaks if CWD is invalid. Fucking amazing.
    Rationale: people break their installs by mixing sudo and non-sudo usage. They are used to having to `sudo port install` and shit like that, so I understand why the mixing happens.

    Also add some who were missing (sorry folks) and our Linux maintainers.
    Merge pull request #4342 from reitermarkus/sudo-sorry-try-again
    Fix `sudo` “Sorry, try again.” delay.
    added as commented-out code (I'm sorry) so that maintainers can uncomment
    Fix syntax error, sorry about that.
    this caused problems for us. Sorry Rogue Amoeba. I'd suggest not installing your
    Sorry for the noise.
    Missing end. Doing too many things at once. Sorry.
    Dumb mistake. Sorry.
    We shouldn't ever really have these but better to be safe than sorry.
    My idea of tidy, sorry Adam…
pjreddie/darknet + (27) -
    gonna fuck shit up

    let's break some shit
    gonna fuck shit up
Linuxbrew/brew + (-26) -
    Also fuck you dumb user who can't figure out what "No such file or directory - getcwd" means so you force me to waste half an hour fixing it for you.

    It is fucking amazing how much shit breaks if CWD is invalid. Fucking amazing.
    Rationale: people break their installs by mixing sudo and non-sudo usage. They are used to having to `sudo port install` and shit like that, so I understand why the mixing happens.

    Also add some who were missing (sorry folks) and our Linux maintainers.
    Merge pull request #4342 from reitermarkus/sudo-sorry-try-again
    Fix `sudo` “Sorry, try again.” delay.
    added as commented-out code (I'm sorry) so that maintainers can uncomment
    Fix syntax error, sorry about that.
    this caused problems for us. Sorry Rogue Amoeba. I'd suggest not installing your
    Sorry for the noise.
    Missing end. Doing too many things at once. Sorry.
    Dumb mistake. Sorry.
    We shouldn't ever really have these but better to be safe than sorry.
    My idea of tidy, sorry Adam…
sveltejs/svelte + (-44) -
    increase timeout so that tests pass on this horrendously expensive piece of shit laptop i am forced to use. PS fuck you, apple

    increase timeout so that tests pass on this horrendously expensive piece of shit laptop i am forced to use. PS fuck you, apple
    holy shit i think i did it

    Sorry for breaking the style!
expressjs/express + (37) -
    stupid anyway, just dont fuck shit up :)

    shit, was causing some bugs, will figure that out first
    stupid anyway, just dont fuck shit up :)

    sorry, changed my mind. easy enough to expose these if you want to,
Qv2ray/Qv2ray + (-3) -
    fuck the version string.

    * fix: mac shit
    Have sleep, 🤬 and don't know how to fix this shit.

    fix: sorry it's not rc1
      fix: sorry WinAPI you are the boss
    fix: sorry WinAPI you are the boss
SerenityOS/serenity + (-29) -
    Fuck it, add a 4th virtual console. :^)

    This is yet another bug because of the 'char'/'signed char'/'unsigned char' shit.
    get shit done. I'll definitely reenable it once it's been optimized.

    insufficient testing on my part. Sorry!
    For DSP reasons I can't explain myself (yet, sorry), short-time Fourier
    (Sorry Linus!)
    I'm sorry @The-King-of-Toasters, but it never worked and apparently noone uses/fixes it,
    I'm sorry :(
    It was me who has broken this, sorry ;(
    Sorry Sergey! :^)
    This makes assertion failures generate backtraces again. Sorry to everyone
pypa/pipenv + (33) -
    fuck this

    who wrote this shit
    this shit is crazy
cirosantilli/china-dictatorship + (6) -

    golden shit
rvm/rvm + (3) -
    Fuck you system wide, fuck you.

    The LOFL I am sick of this shit release!

    sorry only linux supports scripts in shebang, thanks to Rich_Morin
    Backed out rvm_export_if_set, sorry teleological too big of a performance hit. There must be another way.
lobsters/lobsters + (-11) -
    - ditch vendor prefixes for css 3 things, fuck old browsers

    whole suffix list or library just to deal with this stupid shit

    Search: just use Riddle.escape, sorry boolean