Fuck. Shit! Sorry... Top 100-200
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LXGaming/Sledgehammer + (14) -
    How the Sponge devs managed to fuck this up in the first place is beyond me...
edavis10/redmine + (14) -
    oops, we have newest #1849, sorry
ooliver1/nextcord.gay + (14) -
    fix: fuck do i need to checkout

    fix: sorry tea i forgor
symfony/finder + (14) -
    Sorry, I forgot `[Finder]` tag in 3 commits message... is it fixable?
    Ouch, I'm really sorry, I was in the wrong tmux window when started tests :/
    @fabpot sorry for the mess, I should go to bed :/
    I am sorry, of wasting your time... totally confused about using git. I feel a little bit squashed :-) of a the possible actions.
validatorjs/validator.js + (14) -
    Restored file permissions /(sorry for that)
megit-io/megit + (13) -
    I give up fuck rust
reduxjs/react-redux + (13) -
    Yeah, this kills the blame history. Sorry. But it's a lot easier
    thanks! (sorry if something obvious is off i wrote this in the GH editor)
mail-in-a-box/mailinabox + (13) -
    suppress "Something went wrong, sorry." when the management daemon's api key has changed
rtomayko/tilt + (13) -
    don't give a shit
booksbyus/zguide + (12) -
    Not much, just fixed typo in comment - `if` rather than `it` - sorry, I'm a bit of a pedant!
    1Added Python PDF support (sorry it was so late)
notMEEPoffaith/dumb-dump + (12) -
    smol unit shit mkII
    smol unit shit
24pullrequests/24pullrequests + (12) -
    Sorry! It was a `user` key not `users`. Fixed the bad mock too.
    Sorry TeX, you were messing with my OCD!
iptv-org/iptv + (12) -
    Sorry but found a few more links and another ones are from previous requests I've submitted to issues, but for some reason the search engine isn't working very well so I had to find them manually.
    Added another channel I forgot. Sorry lol
    Yes, sorry for the oversight
kjbrum/justmy.scss + (12) -
    Caps and shit
swisnl/jQuery-contextMenu + (12) -
    analyticsm, sorry...
brentd/xray-rails + (12) -
    Move CSS into a stylesheet and do some crazy shit with filters
caddyserver/caddy + (11) -
    (Sorry, we should've noticed this earlier!)
    * caddytest: More windows line endings lol (sorry Matt)
simplecov-ruby/simplecov + (11) -
    Sorry for the delay, me fighting with the Java installation.
cucumber/cucumber-ruby + (11) -
    I made most things lazy, so we can plug in a treetop gherkin builder (but i broke one feature - not sure how to fix that). good enough for now. Jeeez this AST is crufty as hell - can't wait to get rid of this shit.

    Sorry! Forgot to run the treetop compilation
    Sorry! Forgot to run the treetop compilation
    Interaction designers - sorry forgot you
xitu/gold-miner + (11) -
    Sorry ,主分支多了
    modify finished. sorry for the spaces I forget everytime.
    Sorry for being late.
xaviershay/enki + (11) -
    Jared says: this sentence is gramattically horse shit
th-ch/youtube-music + (11) -
    Sorry I missed that somehow, because playerctl controls were working.
zach96guan/Stupid_LeetCoder + (11) -
    fuck amazon
pycqa/pylint + (11) -
    2.0 is now 1.7.0. We will release 2.0 a bit later, sorry for this.
    Sorry. I'm not used to hg merges.
sikaozhe1997/Xin-Yue + (11) -
    Sorry, correct the wrong url
    sorry,edit the wrong url
fullcalendar/fullcalendar + (10) -
    remove a ton of shit from EventManager
h5bp/Front-end-Developer-Interview-Questions + (10) -
    Sorry for being picky, but it's the proper way :)
pytest-dev/pytest + (10) -
    [svn r37439] Sorry, cfbolz, seems the print to stderr breaks some test... :|
    (no test, sorry, didn't succeed in reproducing it from a test yet), some minor
ElemeFE/element + (10) -
    Remove fuck
evrone/quiet_assets + (10) -
    Sorry should be false of course
webview/webview + (10) -
    Ubuntu Quick Pointer to help newbs. By the way, I'm sorry Edge got moved to Chromium, please let us know what you are going to do to this neat project otherwise.
owncloud/core + (10) -
    If this is not the case, we go with "better save then sorry" and don't change
    Better save then sorry
    sorry, this is my first one
    Better to be safe than sorry ;)
    finally remove the file size obfuscation as it had more disadvantages. I was wrong, sorry.
    Sorry guys, I commit the incomplete code. It should be window.location.assign(url);
    fixing syntax error - sorry for that
    fixing syntax error - sorry for that
    fixing syntax error - sorry for that
    Wrong file - Sorry!
    Start of the refactoring. Commit is quite big because I forgot to use git right from the beginning. Sorry.
austinpray/kaori + (10) -
    Fuck it we shipping boys
stefanfoulis/django-phonenumber-field + (10) -
    Sorry if I missed anyone.
leachim6/hello-world + (10) -
    Merge pull request #436 from potherca-contrib/fuck
    Fixes typo in programming language named "Fuck"
    I've reverted this because brainf*fuck.bf was deleted for some reason (?)
danialfarid/ng-file-upload + (10) -
    Fix on commented text. I'm sorry for the previous pull request, I don't know where i was looking.
pre-commit/pre-commit + (9) -
    Fuck you ipython
spatie/laravel-medialibrary + (9) -
    * Remove unnecessary changes from my IDE auto formatting (sorry)
    Remove unnecessary changes from my IDE auto-formatting (sorry)
    Remove unnecessary changes from my IDE auto formatting (sorry)
    Remove unnecessary changes from my IDE auto formatting (sorry)
    Remove unnecessary changes from my IDE auto formatting (sorry)
    Sorry, I forgot to add the `@if($loadingAttributeValue) loading="{{ $loadingAttributeValue }}"@endif` test in this image view (following this PR: https://github.com/spatie/laravel-medialibrary/pull/2081).
    I am an idiot, really sorry about this but a while back I sent a pull request to update this. This needs to be reverted back as it was originally correct. I didn't realize I was on v7 and v8 got a huge change in namespaces.
jackocnr/intl-tel-input + (9) -
    removed lots of extra shit in data.js that wasn't included in google's tel input
    build shit
CodeHubApp/CodeHub + (9) -
    Removing a bunch of dependency shit :(
akavel/up + (9) -
    sorry" side, and slap both variants everywhere. To be fixed some day in
TheOdinProject/theodinproject + (9) -
    Fuck heroku, giving up on custom stylesheets for pages

    took away the stupid bootstrap helper gem because it didn't do shit and manually added the helper
llazzaro/django-scheduler + (9) -
    missing template file (sorry)
    missing template file (sorry)
presidentbeef/brakeman + (9) -
    sorry @gquadros, I made you change that and then somehow missed the
square/leakcanary + (9) -
    jCenter is the standard shit now...

    I'm so sorry... (#1717)
    Worked on this over the course of several days, sorry for the lack of description. Several optimizations, including for when we don't compute retained size.
k4m4/terminals-are-sexy + (9) -
    I really should have remembered to do this in the previous PR, sorry.
resque/resque + (9) -
    Fuck you Ruby 1.8
    this could be done with a first-child selector or something but fuck it

    shit together we won't anymore.
pandas-dev/pandas + (9) -
    * Fixed forgotten break line. I think that the kwds paramater now fits what expected @TomAugspurger. If not, sorry and indicate how it should be
    6ff8a46 [Joel Nothman] Fix loose character; sorry
    Turned out I was wrong -- sorry about that!
    BUG: fix _parser->parser import (sorry)
MichMich/MagicMirror + (9) -
    Fuck it.

    This one should be fine, sorry for the inconvenience.
    Spelling mistake sorry...
    Corrected tabbing for my previous pull request, sorry
    Corrected tabbing for my commit, sorry
bcit-ci/CodeIgniter + (9) -
    it's impossible to fix this shit...

    ...sorry about that...
    (My fault - Sorry!)
    Fix some erroneous variable names (sorry)
    Removed the first slash of the line 51. With this, the goal of the code don't work. I tried it in many Apache servers. Sorry if I am wrong.
    Moved the "is_unique" change log to 2.1.0-dev where it should have been first time. Sorry about that one, had to manually separate 2.0.3 changes from 2.1.0 based mainly on memory.
openzfs/zfs + (9) -
    I am not sure it is exploitable, but better to be safe than sorry.
librariesio/libraries.io + (9) -
    some fucked up shit
    Hard code shit!
    fix shit
    more crazy regex shit
bevyengine/bevy + (8) -
    There was PR that introduced support for storage buffer is `AsBindGroup` macro [#6129](https://github.com/bevyengine/bevy/pull/6129), but it does not give more granular control over storage buffer, it will always copy all the data no matter which part of it was updated. There is also currently another open PR #6669 that tries to achieve exactly that, it is just not up to date and seems abandoned (Sorry if that is not right). In this PR I'm proposing a solution for both of these approaches to co-exist using `#[storage(n, buffer)]` and `#[storage(n)]` to distinguish between the cases.
    (github made me type out a message for the commit which looked like it was for the pr, sorry)
    the cluster culling strategy reintroduces the cluster aabb code which was recently removed... sorry. the aabb is used to get a cluster bounding sphere, which can then be tested fairly efficiently using the strategy described at the end of https://bartwronski.com/2017/04/13/cull-that-cone/. this works well with roughly cubic clusters (where the cluster z size is close to the same as x/y size), less well for other cases like single Z slice / tiled forward rendering. In the worst case we will end up just keeping the culling of the equivalent point light.
    Credit to @aevyrie @alice-i-cecile @DJMcNab (and probably others) for proposing (and supporting) this idea about a year ago. I was a big dummy that both shut down this (very good) idea and then forgot I did that. Sorry. You all were right!
    @alice-i-cecile Sorry, had to recreate the pr. It doesn't let me reopen and change the branch of the original pr.
log4js-node/log4js-node + (8) -
    chore: oh shit I changed the eslint rules
plasma-umass/doppio + (8) -
    * CamelCased it (sorry, CJ; it's happening).
    Added initial work on TCP networking. Sorry, I messed up the git history...
    Added initial work on TCP networking. Sorry, I messed up the git history...
    This took an surprising long time to implement (>8hours) and took many failed attempts. .Sorry about that.  Some of the gotchas along the way -
librespeed/speedtest + (8) -
    Changed and simplified ID obfuscation algoritm. Sorry about that
uber/cadence + (8) -
    sorry I have to edit something to hack around buildkite
Reactive-Extensions/RxJS + (8) -
    Sorry for so many little PRs. I keep on finding little things as I read.
nushell/nushell + (8) -
    This in theory doesn't have to be an error (it is a diagnostic for nushell code) but it is probably better safe than sorry to require quotation here.
    that, sorry.
    4. registry_query (I don't have window machine, sorry for that I can't
    PS: Not sure if you like this kind of PR, sorry if not.
    Bye bye upx sorry (#4173)
MacRuby/MacRuby + (8) -
    revert parts of r2839 because it breaks the gcd spec - strange bug implying exception handlers (sorry vincent)
    Got rid of two tests that didn't work (sorry everyone) and added two more that do.
    fixed the build (sorry guys)
pbatard/rufus + (8) -
      in the current GRUB 2.0 shit show, whose DIRECT result is to make end

    * Sorry Azerbaijani speaking people, but this was only added out of
      Sorry "Super Grub2 Disk" and other older GRUB2 based tools, but you'll need to
elastic/logstash + (8) -
      It's 2013 now and we got our shit together. Roll forward!

    trying to use it in anger, sorry..
sheerun/vim-polyglot + (8) -
    the exact same PR #286 passing (I've removed one of them, sorry again
aehlke/tag-it + (8) -
    Undo whitespace cleanup ( sorry )
chiraggude/awesome-laravel + (8) -
    Sorry, someone had to do it. :)
composer/composer + (8) -
    Mindless copy-paste never gets old. Sorry. This is fixed proper this time.
    Sorry, tabs.
    just added a \ before RuntimeException (sorry I didn't run the test)
    just added a \ before RuntimeException (sorry I didn't run the test)
hlissner/doom-emacs + (8) -
    - Remove opening lookup targets in other-window; sorry, but there is no
    these commands may be useless atm. Sorry!
    builds of Emacs. Better safe than sorry.
    Sorry! This is the last "big" change before 2.1!
doctrine/orm + (8) -
            echo "FUCK YOU, STUPID LANGUAGE!";

    Sorry @tPl0ch :-(
    Sorry, I don't know how to link to the exact section 8.8
    stupid cloud 9 ide broke my code :( sorry
    I can't look at those semicolons, sorry ;-)
    I can't look at those semicolons, sorry ;-)
    DDC-1385 - Fixed Mixed result hydration using INDEX BY to work on the top-level indexes, not some weird result. This is a BC break to those that actually use this crazy logic, sorry for that :-)
    finished testing -sorry about the noise
    Sorry for the trigger happy commits, but with each one I'm
    pookey: sorry, I do not understand this fix, but i needed it
soimort/you-get + (8) -
    fix this shit
codeguy/php-the-right-way + (8) -
    Fixed link, sorry about that, let a domain expire
    Fixed link, sorry about that, let a domain expire
    Sorry guys no local copy and going for the speed-fix.
prettier/prettier + (8) -
    While trying to figure out how to handle both MemberExpression comments and IfStatement comments, I ended up doing this one as well... Sorry @yamafaktory :(
VundleVim/Vundle.vim + (8) -
    Another fix, sorry
Automattic/kue + (8) -
    check that shit for !isNaN()
sparklemotion/nokogiri + (8) -
    fuck mkmf.  I will defeat your with my triple alias action
    fucking libxml-ruby.  making sure no global variable callbacks fuck us.  closes #33

    fixing shit for 1.8.6
    fixing shit for 1.8.6
        making shit work with ffi
    shit, accidentally committed some experimental code. removing.

    installation documentation was super-confusing. sorry about that!
    Revert.  This was work in progress and not meant to be pushed.  Sorry.
jashkenas/coffeescript + (7) -
    Sorry for all the commits! It should really be done this time.
railsadminteam/rails_admin + (7) -
    Sorry :(
    sorry for the CRLF mess.
    Remove Jeweler. Sorry Jeweler.
danger/danger + (7) -
    Sorry I offended you Rubocop
    * Sorry I offensed you, rubocop
mysqljs/mysql + (7) -
    Made Sequence class responsible for less shit again
zcash/zcash + (7) -
    and better safe than sorry.
    Sorry for the churn on this, but the current message (introduced in #9073)
    Sorry, my own fault this time.
    Sorry, Jakob, it was changed on accident by poedit.
davidsonfellipe/awesome-wpo + (7) -
    Maybe wrong section, i not finded better (sorry)
NUBIC/surveyor + (7) -
    classes but I couldn't figure it out (sorry) so I fell back to loading
brndnmtthws/conky + (7) -
    use g_free() for glib shit

    * hmm sorry
    sorry, testing this again
codahale/veil-go + (7) -
    Untalk some shit.
qutebrowser/qutebrowser + (7) -
    master (sorry!).
    broken to investigate now... Future me, I'm sorry.
      it seems that didn't make it into the release notes - sorry! Too
                    throw new Error('jseval hack failed. Sorry :-( ' + window.__qute_jseval__);
    Another round of config breakage (sorry!).
open-mmlab/mmdetection + (7) -
    sorry but github edit is so hard to use......
qbittorrent/qBittorrent + (7) -
    - Oups, sorry I forgot pause_all() & start_all() functions in last commit :)
    - sorry, forgot to commit this file
microsoft/terminal + (7) -
    I missed this comment in #15020. Sorry!
    which tasks we ovver a GitHub token to. Sorry!
    Sorry for combining two fixes in one PR. I can separate if need be.
    Sorry folks, my bad!
    too late (sorry!). I decided it was better move promotion down to
      the sln. Sorry about that (not sorry).
    I'm sorry if I explain this badly. If you don't understand a part, make
    It comes in the form of _another platform_ (sorry), `DotNet_x86Test`.
    Sorry, I should have really done this in the original PR.
    Sorry about all the commits. Will fix my fork after this PR! 😅
    This location and name is practically mandated by PackageES. Sorry ☹️.
linkerd/linkerd2 + (7) -
    added in #5307 got lost during the merge. (oopss, Sorry!)
    This PR fixes the test to assert on a metric that wasn't removed. Sorry for the ❌s!
apollographql/apollo-client + (7) -
    Sorry, just realized I left off the js syntax highlighting
PicoCreator/super-silly-depifier + (7) -
    semi-enterprise shit
    WIP ast shit
    some basic shit
pixie-io/pixie + (7) -
    Sorry for the semantic satiation in the following text...
    This diff also adds unit tests for this scenario, which by definition means thrashing system memory a bit. Sorry about that.
    Sorry for the really large diff. I couldn't think of a way to split it up since I think all changes are required to get to a functioning table and pass all tests. Would welcome suggestions.
    Summary: Forgot to add .cc file, broke master, sorry guys
    Summary: had an extra curly brace, sorry friends.
    Summary: Sorry for the piecemeal diffs.
    Sorry that this diff has so many different changes, they are a bit hard to isolate. Here are the fixes:
rgrove/sanitize + (6) -
    Remove REE until Travis gets its shit together.
cerebris/jsonapi-resources + (6) -
    options -> context. sorry for being sloppy @lgebhardt :(
cirosantilli/china-dictatorship + (6) -

    golden shit
RailsApps/rails_apps_composer + (6) -
    This pull request fixes the one I did a few hours ago. Sorry for the confusion!
numpy/numpy + (6) -
    I'm sorry I didn't get this in earlier! Hopefully this will make it clearer to
    Fix oops in last commit.  Committed some experimental things I shouldn't have.  Sorry.
    Fix a long-standing typo preventing the build of scipy.stats.mvn. Sorry Stefan, no unittest; the original code is not amenable to unittests without a large refactoring.
    (forgot to get rid of my personal tests... sorry about that)
    Fix type. Sorry about that.
dotnet/core + (6) -
    > Sorry, the VSCode extension (in internal preview release in 2018-2019) is no longer available.
dianping/cat + (6) -
    fuck conflicts
trufflesuite/truffle + (6) -
    Fix incorrect assert method (sorry)
    Fix solidity syntax again (sorry)
    Merge pull request #5139 from trufflesuite/sorry-etherscan
    Copy over CompileError class from compile-solidity (sorry!)
    Fix misnamed type (sorry!)
    Fix incorrect invocation again (sorry)
    Sorry, dropped a dollar sign!
    Fix error in previous commit (sorry!)
    Fix more imports, sorry
    Fix error in splice function, and reduce errors in cleanContainers (which is still hacky, sorry).
    Finish (mostly) the conversion of allocateDefinition into allocateDefinitions, the writing of storageSizeAndAllocate, and the coversion of allocateStruct to the new format.  But the contract stuff has not been changed -- this is another intermediate commit, sorry, because I need to switch back to develop for something. :P
jeremyevans/sequel + (6) -
    Typo. sorry.