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microsoft/terminal + (7) -
    I missed this comment in #15020. Sorry!
    which tasks we ovver a GitHub token to. Sorry!
    Sorry for combining two fixes in one PR. I can separate if need be.
    Sorry folks, my bad!
    too late (sorry!). I decided it was better move promotion down to
      the sln. Sorry about that (not sorry).
    I'm sorry if I explain this badly. If you don't understand a part, make
    It comes in the form of _another platform_ (sorry), `DotNet_x86Test`.
    Sorry, I should have really done this in the original PR.
    Sorry about all the commits. Will fix my fork after this PR! 😅
    This location and name is practically mandated by PackageES. Sorry ☚ī¸.
wbthomason/packer.nvim + (1) -
    Massive refactor, plus several bugfixes. Sorry, future me; I'll use better git practice next time
rpush/rpush + (2) -
    Tired of this shit
spatie/laravel-medialibrary + (9) -
    * Remove unnecessary changes from my IDE auto formatting (sorry)
    Remove unnecessary changes from my IDE auto-formatting (sorry)
    Remove unnecessary changes from my IDE auto formatting (sorry)
    Remove unnecessary changes from my IDE auto formatting (sorry)
    Remove unnecessary changes from my IDE auto formatting (sorry)
    Sorry, I forgot to add the `@if($loadingAttributeValue) loading="{{ $loadingAttributeValue }}"@endif` test in this image view (following this PR: https://github.com/spatie/laravel-medialibrary/pull/2081).
    I am an idiot, really sorry about this but a while back I sent a pull request to update this. This needs to be reverted back as it was originally correct. I didn't realize I was on v7 and v8 got a huge change in namespaces.
hlissner/doom-emacs + (8) -
    - Remove opening lookup targets in other-window; sorry, but there is no
    these commands may be useless atm. Sorry!
    builds of Emacs. Better safe than sorry.
    Sorry! This is the last "big" change before 2.1!
openfoodfoundation/openfoodnetwork + (6) -
    Form toggling! Fuck yeah

    Adding darkswarm variant of home page, getting Angular skeleton into place, taking shit off window

    That wasn't actually a bug! Sorry
marcj/css-element-queries + (2) -
    Sorry for that elementTyle should be elementType
Automattic/kue + (8) -
    check that shit for !isNaN()
logaretm/vee-validate + (2) -
    refactor: deprecate rule param schema and that complex shit

    Sorry, didn't see that. Thx for the info!
edavis10/redmine + (14) -
    oops, we have newest #1849, sorry
wearefine/fae + (5) -
    added cookie shit
kubernetes-sigs/kind + (6) -
    sorry for the big commit, I've been hacking to get things looking good and out quickly with all the dockershim concern out there 🤷‍♂ī¸
stringer-rss/stringer + (1) -
    locale 'Keep unread' - so sorry translators\!
OpenRefine/OpenRefine + (1) -
    Fix quoting in release_manager.sh bash script, sorry.
twbs/bootstrap-rubygem + (3) -
    This "fix" breaks everything. Sorry!
    Sorry about all the commits - still getting my bearings with compass.
emberjs/ember.js + (1) -
    update shit() to use nested gestures

    `setupTest()` was removed, but the import was left behind. (Dang, sorry!)
boto/boto + (15) -
    Added a graph about where to put the config file in Windows. Those of us who have no *nix experience don't necessarily know how to translate the path information here into Windows pathing. Hope I didn't say something wrong! If so, sorry ... --Mike
NodeBB/NodeBB + (4) -
    appeasing Travis CI, 'cause fuck code reuse, right?
    fuck, I am dumb.
    fuck git pt 2
    fuck git

    reverting change to User.search that added "timing" to the return of User.search. Such a change can only be made for 0.4.0, sorry!
Leaflet/Leaflet + (2) -
    Sorry, the plugin has adjusted the table position.
    I may have made this mistake a long time ago! Fixing now... sorry!
    sorry that it took so long.
    fix IE9 regression (sorry!)
rom-rb/rom + (3) -
    Make multi-through mapping work FUCK YEAH :mega: :fire: :bomb:

    They were accidentally enabled in 7a48584. Sorry :-(
    Not interested in supporting 1.9.3, sorry
    Oh sorry I forgot about you, REE
    * Could not work fast enough with rspec1 and the old guard, sorry.
LXGaming/Sledgehammer + (14) -
    How the Sponge devs managed to fuck this up in the first place is beyond me...
tmux-python/tmuxp + (2) -
    fuck pep8
    fuck man this is a disgrace, lol. 0.0.5
    travis type again. fuck

    holy shit
    holy shit it's kind of working
timber/timber + (31) -
    ref #1293 -- fucking fuck
    ref #752 -- aww fuck it

    ref #1296 -- more debugging for this shit

    After considering it, this could have negative effects for some users, so better safe than sorry
    Adding avatar functionaility to timberComment (again) this time with some tests (my_first_tests, so sorry about them)
docker/docker-ce + (36) -
    I just wanted to rephrase it so that it's clear that an Endpoint has a one to one relationship with the Sandbox and a Network. If that is not the case, then I'm sorry for proposing the change. I'm only just starting to take a deeper dive into Docker networking.
    better safe then sorry. especially for rm
    Merge pull request #10670 from tianon/revert-10290-sorry-windows-norelease4u
    Merge pull request #10290 from tianon/sorry-windows-norelease4u
    First off, sorry for the noise. This is a cleaner step of #8508
    Sorry if my markdown for links is screwed up, I went by the examples, since I'm used to the `[]()` traditional one.
    This happened for me on the last (empty) line, but better safe than sorry
    This happened for me on the last (empty) line, but better safe than sorry
interconnectit/Search-Replace-DB + (15) -
    Added an 'oh shit' button with a timer before any db modification starts
airyland/vux + (25) -
    fuck CNPM
libgit2/rugged + (2) -
    Fuck Windows.
    Tests are back to TestCase because Fuck Specs
NvChad/NvChad + (6) -
    matchit was already disabled by default but a recent PR enabled it again , sorry for that! Since vim matchup already does what matchit does , I'll remove it.
WerWolv/ImHex + (22) -
    sys: Literally, fuck Valve
    build: Fixed unit tests on linux. Fuck cmake...
    Once again Ubuntu is fucking outdated by over a year for literally no reason. Fuck this
doismellburning/emporium + (1) -
    This is grim in so many ways, I'm sorry
phoenixframework/phoenix + (1) -
      older name, so...sorry about that.
stefanfoulis/django-phonenumber-field + (10) -
    Sorry if I missed anyone.
pjreddie/darknet + (27) -
    gonna fuck shit up

    let's break some shit
    gonna fuck shit up
symfony/doctrine-bridge + (3) -
    @frosas relying on X.Y.* is painful because you always need to wait until someone updates the constraint to get the new version. Of course using ~1.3 like in this PR means if I fuck up and break BC people will update to it, but that's a less likely occurrence than the alternative I think, so I would rather not use X.Y.*

    `@chalasr` `@wouterj` sorry for the long description but in the hope of getting this included in 5.3.0, if you can provide guidance I will happily work on this further tomorrow to try and wrap it up ASAP.
    PS: sorry to keep you waiting, @webmozart . When merging both commit don't forget to add the `@deprecated` annotation, and that `SingleAssociationToIntIdEntity.php` is duplicated.
    YES YES YES :+1:. Sorry for my enthusiasm, but I already copy pasted the PropertyPath class to some of my libraries to avoid linking to the whole Form component. I thus will be glad to officially use this component into my libraries via composer.
    @frosas sorry I didn't get you still had the problem. I tagged a 2.1.7 of monologbundle which hopefully fixes your issue.
diasurgical/devilutionX + (1) -
    Sorry, I made a mistake.
OpenDiablo2/OpenDiablo2 + (4) -
    **These last changes should have been a separate PR, sorry.**
haltu/muuri + (2) -
    Too much refactoring (sorry). Faster item lookups by element. Faster sorting (in some cases). Deprecate the possibility to define layout.widht/height unit as string (only allow pixel values as numbers). Fix async layout issues with show/hide/filter methods. Allow 'force' refreshing item dimensions even if the item is hidden.
flutter/flutter + (27) -
    [WIP] Change GestureRecognizer. Sorry.
    [WIP] Change GestureRecognizer. Sorry.
    [WIP] Change GestureRecognizer. Sorry.
    [WIP] Change GestureRecognizer. Sorry.
    [WIP] Change GestureRecognizer. Sorry.
    [WIP] Change GestureRecognizer. Sorry.
    [WIP] Change GestureRecognizer. Sorry.
    Sorry that I missed the typo during the review of https://github.com/flutter/flutter/pull/29321
    I'm sorry this is completely unreviewable. I did the move from `lib/*`
padrino/padrino-framework + (3) -
    Thanks a lot. And sorry for ignoring that.
      last re-fix slim ..sorry #1117
    fix slim ... sorry again !
    last re-fix slim ..sorry #1117
    last re-fix slim ..sorry #1117
    Sorry! French Translation [Thanks to Mickey]
    Sorry :D
    Sorry, fixed test.
k4m4/terminals-are-sexy + (9) -
    I really should have remembered to do this in the previous PR, sorry.
coreybutler/nvm-windows + (5) -
    Sorry to be picky, but I got bitten by some ambiguous date format problems recently so...
ether/etherpad-lite + (27) -
    change to alt shit and a to show authors

    Sorry, not sure what happened but having kids jump all over the keyboard while I do this probably didn't help... :|
    Sorry about the direct commit 🍡
    sorry for that, correct pad.html
    Removed branding, sorry
go-git/go-git + (2) -
    merkletrie: fix const action type fuck up (#268)
Automattic/_s + (3) -
    N.B. Something went wrong with my last proposal, sorry about that.
x64dbg/x64dbg + (3) -
    DBG: fixed compile error on x64 (shit lol)
    DBG: shit code reduction @x64dbg
    DBG+GUI: added cocksucker option (issue #211, shit)
    DBG: ASync everywhere (totally not going to cause shit in the long run of course...)
    GUI: and back again (lol too tired for this shit)
    DBG: shit with label

    DBG: start of capstone gui things (sorry for pushing this, but i dont wanna go around with usb sticks)
    merge doxygen branch (sorry Nukem)
    - updated readme (sorry, really the last time today)
reduxjs/react-redux + (13) -
    Yeah, this kills the blame history. Sorry. But it's a lot easier
    thanks! (sorry if something obvious is off i wrote this in the GH editor)
yangshun/tech-interview-handbook + (2) -
    Gotta protect your shit, yo
dotnet/maui + (2) -
    * sorry world
    when we have some numbers showing it improves things. Sorry!
Sylius/Sylius + (1) -
    Better to tell than sorry.
    fixing a typo by making a typo and then fixing that typo again. I'm sorry :-)
vuestorefront/vue-storefront + (2) -
    Sorry, I accidentally committed an old version of my apache configuration in #1623. Here is a corrected one