Fuck. Shit! Sorry... Random
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flores/stupid-sysadmin-tricks + (5) -
    run httperf concurrently on several boxes, stick their results in a gist, then sum that shit
    circa 2007-9 shit
diem/diem + (1) -
      - Changes the default account name to "default". Sorry Alice, you are no longer privileged.
gbanegas/KissECC + (0) -
    shit happens
jonschlinkert/remarkable + (-8) -
    Sorry to lengthen your header; very admirable of you to keep it small!
increpare/orthona + (0) -
    Fuck off, peg.js; you're not welcome here.
OpenRefine/OpenRefine + (1) -
    Fix quoting in release_manager.sh bash script, sorry.
jhipster/generator-jhipster + (-1) -
    Oh, sorry. It's my fault.
    Sorry @PierreBesson  @pascalgrimaud
    Fix merge error (sorry)
excalidraw/excalidraw + (2) -
    Sorry my OCD is kicking in... It's super weird that the base of the lock moves when we check / unckeck it. Instead, just the semi-circle shape should move (what this PR implements).
swagger-api/swagger-codegen + (0) -
    * CAPI-31 Fix turbo fuck up with additional params (#5)
mantikafasi/StupidityDBServer + (-3) -
    fix studio shit
    stupit shit
open-mmlab/mmdetection + (7) -
    sorry but github edit is so hard to use......
11ty/eleventy + (41) -
    sorry, lock file
Reactive-Extensions/RxJS + (8) -
    Sorry for so many little PRs. I keep on finding little things as I read.
pyecharts/pyecharts + (-3) -
    Add: add table and fuck notebook
1995parham/github-do-not-ban-us + (22) -
    Merge pull request #215 from erfan-mehraban/brain-fuck-erfan-mehraban
    Merge branch 'master' into brain-fuck-erfan-mehraban

    sorry @1995parham  :sob:
    yes i first wrote the wrong github pseudo sorry
linkerd/linkerd2 + (7) -
    added in #5307 got lost during the merge. (oopss, Sorry!)
    This PR fixes the test to assert on a metric that wasn't removed. Sorry for the ❌s!
AudithSoftworks/Uniform + (-9) -
    Switched from Textile to Markdown (sorry, I don't know Textile and Markdown looks a bit cleaner in a text editor)
framework7io/framework7 + (-15) -
    haha sorry and fixed
0xZ0F/Z0FCourse_ReverseEngineering + (5) -
    Was debugging, sorry :)
koajs/koa + (-1) -
    breaks old old shit but thats ok, super early in the game

    Originally submitted pull request to wrong repo; sorry!
artichoke/artichoke + (0) -
    This got removed when forking. Sorry :(
jashkenas/backbone + (1) -
    Sorry everyone.
    sorry, wrong version of docco
angular/angular.js + (1) -
    commit was accidentially pushed. Sorry for the noise.
    I meant to do this in before 92f05e5a5900713301e64373d7b7daa45a88278b landed, sorry u_u
    Closes #6427 (I know it's not really the solution asked for in #6427, sorry!)
    sorry, my bad!
geekcomputers/Python + (2) -
    Sorry.  This was an oversight in #449
    Sorry if this may seem intrusive, I am a Computing Science student that has an assignment to proof read technical writing documents and submit edit requests. I need 10 approvals to pass my assignment, so if you feel these edits improve your document please confirm my pull request. Thank you and have a great day.
    Just Practicing SORRY
    Just Practicing SORRY
    Although CPython will garbage collect the file object following the read operation, other implementations of Python may not. The file often is not immediately closed and is left to be disguarded at a later unknown point of execution. Additionally, in Python 3.2 or above the current implementation will throw a ResourceWarning exception which must otherwise be caught if enabled. Better safe than sorry.
pyrocms/pyrocms + (1) -
    Fuck that

    Shit shit
    Don't ignore this for out of the box shit
rpush/rpush + (2) -
    Tired of this shit
mongodb/mongoid + (0) -
    - What the fuck, no one uses slaves anymore?

    Thought I was being clever with this shit and the switchover would be

    This will break your current rails3/mongoid app (sorry!!). You need to add the line:
libuv/libuv + (0) -
    safe than sorry.
    issue, but better safe than sorry.
    Change around names in test directory - sorry bert
tmux/tmux + (-2) -
    but no sorry, they are all irrelevant junk.  They could all be 0xdeafbeef.
    right now according to NicM but better safe than sorry.
YunYang1994/tensorflow-yolov3 + (-3) -
    fuck yolov3
    fuck yolov3
    fuck yolov3
    fuck tensorflow
    fuck tensorflow
bblimke/webmock + (-18) -
    Sorry, I have no idea how to test this.
    Sorry that I failed to find out how to reproduce this in a simple
openlayers/openlayers + (-2) -
    Worked fine before, but better safe than sorry.
    finally, this is the good version of the unit tests for the #2320 ticket, sorry for the noise
    last bit of tabs. sorry this was so clunky, in the middle of another patch. (no functional change)
    Add Edgemaster to the doc/authors.txt file (Sorry!)
    sorry, had committed wrong versions of SVG.js and VML.js. Fixed now.(references #1157)
    now also committed the removal of the imageSrc property definition in Popup.FramedCloud. avlee's original patch is perfectly sane. Sorry for the confusion. Thanks elemoine for the hint. (references #1475)
    sorry, forgot about this jpg
    that the Ajax test fails. Sorry to all; I'm a bad OL dev.
    sorry. last few bits of #441
    r1694->r1777. I'm sorry to all those of you who might have checked out that
    forgot a comma. sorry.
sos-os/kernel + (-3) -
    Closes #101. Sorry y'all, I was tired of waiting.
    i'm a jackass. sorry.
Apipie/apipie-rails + (5) -
    about sanitation, it's better safe than sorry.
carlospolop/PEASS-ng + (2) -
    syntax fix - /bin/sh not /bin/bash sorry!
    syntax fix - /bin/sh not /bin/bash sorry!
reduxjs/react-redux + (13) -
    Yeah, this kills the blame history. Sorry. But it's a lot easier
    thanks! (sorry if something obvious is off i wrote this in the GH editor)
google/flexbox-layout + (-1) -
    Sorry for the large CL... The change for the main logic (FlexboxLayout) is
pterodactyl/panel + (-7) -
    Drops all of the eloquence requirements, this is going to break a shit load of code, needs to happen tired of this package always holding us back.
    Add xterm for console support (holy shit this is speedy)

    Sorry if my code is below par, I don't know php. All this does is allow the APP_ENVIRONMENT_ONLY to be set via an option, which as far as I can tell, isn't currently possible. I've tested this on a local installation and it works.
taosdata/TDengine + (-1) -
    Fixed travis build failure caused by crash_gen tool, sorry
nim-lang/Nim + (-5) -
    * Restart CI, Apple can code shit anymore I tell you
    give a damn shit about your fucking (wrong) types.

    * I'm an idiot sorry
    better be safe than sorry
    Sorry to be making so many changes.
    fixes #71; sorry about the polling implementation
    sorry, i didnt test and commit...
    preparation for new 'is' operator; breaks bootstrapping again, sorry (use generated C code)
    debug build works again; sorry
shirou/gopsutil + (2) -
    but better be safe than sorry.
    sorry, I committed an old file.
apache/incubator-mxnet + (-32) -
    sorry, missed a link..
    [simple-engine] @antinucleon Sorry I had to turn this on to pass Doxygen
cezaraugusto/You-Dont-Know-JS + (-18) -
    few more tweaks to wording. removed some 'sorry' statements. closes #28
eslint/eslint + (-1) -
    Sorry for all the commits.
    sorry for not following the template. :(
huginn/huginn + (-1) -
    session on the server, but as always, better safe than sorry.
swiftmailer/swiftmailer + (3) -
    I'm sorry. I have already written short description.
    Sorry that should have said "I tried to NOT change too much" :)
livekit/livekit + (-3) -
    Missed this in the last commit. Sorry.
lando/lando + (-7) -
    #1410: fuck windows doesnt matter for docs and sites and things

    #0: Some weird shit that breaks D8 tests
    Fix busted apache shit
    #1410: Reorg misc shit and do first pass on new docs

    I'm sorry.