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sveltejs/svelte + (-44) -
    increase timeout so that tests pass on this horrendously expensive piece of shit laptop i am forced to use. PS fuck you, apple

    increase timeout so that tests pass on this horrendously expensive piece of shit laptop i am forced to use. PS fuck you, apple
    holy shit i think i did it

    Sorry for breaking the style!
julycoding/The-Art-Of-Programming-By-July + (-41) -
    so sorry for 06.0, and I update it with new algo.
theme-next/hexo-theme-next + (-40) -
    Update version (always forgot it, sorry)
MarshallOfSound/Google-Play-Music-Desktop-Player-UNOFFICIAL- + (-39) -
    There's no hyphen in disliked. Sorry to nitpick.
ossrs/srs + (-38) -
    check what a fuck os for some fresh.
Bash-it/bash-it + (-38) -
    Add fuck/please aliases, playing nicely with thefuck plugin
    Add fuck/please aliases, playing nicely with thefuck plugin
    Renames thefuck alias file to fuck
    Renamed/updated "the fuck"
    Renamed fuck alias file
    Renamed the fuck plugin
    Updated init code for fuck
    Moved to a plugin, removed "fuck" alias.

    Opps, I overlook the file! XD, sorry.
    Added newpost plugin. Creates a new jekyll post with the current date, and a user specified title. Even fills in the YAML Front Matter. Sorry if that seemed like bragging, I just wanted everyone to notice so they could make use of it better...
ZijianHe/koa-router + (-37) -
    does all kinds of crazy shit that we dont need
jashkenas/underscore + (-37) -
    Merging in escaping for Underscore templates, using <%- syntax. Sorry Eco.
aht/whatisgit + (-37) -
    removed mousewheel, sorry @OpenGrid, maybe it will be back as optional feature some day
reactiveui/ReactiveUI + (-37) -
    For fuck's sake NuGet, I don't care
    Fuck WinRT so hard
    Fuck a color CSL, implement our own

    Holy shit this is a million years old

    rectifies this sorry state of affairs.
    Sorry - couldn't resist practising during your talk.
fastlane/fastlane + (-37) -
    * Sorry, forgot to run Rubocop.
    scan would crash if the --device option is not specified. This regression was introduced in #6637, sorry. It would also crash for single scheme projects when no --device option is specified.
ethereumbook/ethereumbook + (-36) -
    Mostly from my own commits, Sorry about that rookie error.
vesoft-inc/nebula + (-36) -
    * Fuck the bug
ycm-core/YouCompleteMe + (-36) -
       Dunno how to write a test for such an _intermittent_ issue, sorry
    Sorry, I deleted the branch on github by mistake. Here is the same changes from #1530 plus a buffer local variable, so we don't try to set the `omnifunc` everytime we enter insert mode. I signed the CLA.
Instagram/IGListKit + (-36) -
    Summary: Sorry! I just realised I forgot to point the slather.yml file from Travis CI to GitHub Actions in the previous commit.
    😅 oops. sorry. 😄
SirFrancisBillard/cityrp + (-35) -
    Vastly improved a shit ton of fuck. Cleaned up and deleted out lots of junk code. Optimized tons of stuff, most notably Battle Royale and Volatile.
    -and what the fuck is wrong with volatile?

    Holy shit, that car bomb code sucked.
    Vastly improved a shit ton of fuck. Cleaned up and deleted out lots of junk code. Optimized tons of stuff, most notably Battle Royale and Volatile.
    Incredible amount of new shit
    Pickles and shit
    Random shit idk

    Ruined the 69 commits, sorry.
go-delve/delve + (-35) -
    The fix for #1428 was buggy, partly because I communicated poorly. Sorry
Ebazhanov/linkedin-skill-assessments-quizzes + (-34) -
    i don't know the answer of the second question, sorry :(
    sorry, I didn't know about this JSON file, so the bot changed back my user name to the old one
crystal-lang/crystal + (-34) -
    * Better to be safe than sorry
    It is my failure since #7029. Sorry...
    Maybe I had tried my best to improve linguistics, but I'm sorry I'm not good at foreign languages. If it's still not good enough, helps is really really appreciated, thanks.
    Done, sorry for taking so much time :-)
facebook/jest + (-34) -
    * use jest-dot-reporter instead of jest-silent-reporter (sorry Rick)
    Massive refactor, sorry I didn't split the commits
    @zpoa so sorry to have put this in the wrong place. this makes much more sense. thanks for the correction :)
returntocorp/semgrep + (-34) -
    Sorry for the clutter; realized I needed Augmented_ranges to be its own module too late to make a PR for it alone.
philc/vimium + (-34) -
    Ooops.  Sorry.  I didn't spot that the package-custom-crx target
    Sorry dmac! Next release.
    Sorry if you had patches in your local copies and this breaks them -- these renames were
    Derp, forgot to change the version number, sorry
    Sorry this is such a huge commit. This is really the simplest way I can
mozilla/pontoon + (-34) -
    Remove all border-radiuses. Sorry.
li-xiaojun/XPopup + (-33) -
    优化部分机型的输入法交互,Fuck the Rom
MarlinFirmware/Marlin + (-33) -
    Sorry for some, a bit compressd, but hopefully still readeble symbols.
    Sorry for not having realized someone (me) redefined not existing servo pinns to -1, some lines above.
    Sorry could not make an extra block on base level.
    sorry for that
    Sorry for that. This does not lead to compile errors. I removed the
    Fix to a bug that I just introduced - sorry. Forgot about offset of string length.
    God damn. Sorry, my mistake, forgot to add this file.
vuejs/awesome-vue + (-32) -
    I am sorry for messing line break.
    * sorry, wrong section
    Sorry for breaking the rules and not appending the entry. I did this because medium-editor is a more healthy project and should be preferred over vue-medium.js. Also updated star count on vue-medium.js.
    Sorry typing error (#238)
    * sorry typing error
jitsi/jitsi-meet + (-32) -
    * sorry, lint not checked
hamza1311/BitchBot + (-32) -
    what the fucking fuck did i do
    fuck chrome
    random embed colors, fuck format_error, formatting
moby/moby + (-32) -
    I just wanted to rephrase it so that it's clear that an Endpoint has a one to one relationship with the Sandbox and a Network. If that is not the case, then I'm sorry for proposing the change. I'm only just starting to take a deeper dive into Docker networking.
    better safe then sorry. especially for rm
    Merge pull request #10670 from tianon/revert-10290-sorry-windows-norelease4u
    Merge pull request #10290 from tianon/sorry-windows-norelease4u
    First off, sorry for the noise. This is a cleaner step of #8508
    Sorry if my markdown for links is screwed up, I went by the examples, since I'm used to the `[]()` traditional one.
    This happened for me on the last (empty) line, but better safe than sorry
    This happened for me on the last (empty) line, but better safe than sorry
apache/incubator-mxnet + (-32) -
    sorry, missed a link..
    [simple-engine] @antinucleon Sorry I had to turn this on to pass Doxygen
ory/hydra + (-32) -
    I made a mistake in previous pull request, these socket mode values are in decimal, not octal format. Sorry.
xdan/datetimepicker + (-31) -
    on the right side of the input field. Sorry!
less/less.js + (-31) -
    (dist) fuck I always forget to update this version number

    sorry bout that. fixed.
micro/micro + (-31) -
    * Set default account to admin/micro aka non shit user/pass
rivo/tview + (-31) -
    "FieldLength" is now "FieldWidth" everywhere for clarity and consistency. Sorry for this breaking change. It is better in the long run.
bayandin/awesome-awesomeness + (-31) -
    Sorry, I noticed the markup doesn't align correctly. I've changed it over to tabs instead of spaces, and I checked it in the preview before submitting.
react-bootstrap/react-bootstrap + (-30) -
    next one I see I'm going to checkout the repo instead of bothering core contributors with pedantic edits (sorry)
moment/moment + (-30) -
    * Removed locale from forbidden folder. Sorry
    Oh sorry, I've forgotten a tiny thing, as always
charlax/professional-programming + (-30) -
    Add oh shit git
locustio/locust + (-30) -
    Another attempt at fixing sphinx-search (sorry for experimenting on master, but it cant be run locally)
bolt/bolt + (-30) -
    Fuck you, Symfony. Why did you go and have to break the forms?

    Lock paragonie/random_compat at 1.x, to keep it from breaking shit.
    Lock paragonie/random_compat at 1.x, to keep it from breaking shit.
    Working on Extensions, getting shit done.

    Sorry, Yoda
    [Translation] Change 'Your account is disabled. Sorry about that.' to keyword 'general.phrase.login-account-disabled'
    Thanks, and sorry again!
    Sorry for the big commit, but as it is more a rewrite as refactoring...
    My bad. Sorry.
    sorry for previous pull request, didn't notice the more clever translations interfaces
    - Removed "About" (sorry @electrolinux. CKEditor is credited on the
celluloid/celluloid + (-30) -
    Fuck it, we're going to 0.5.0
    Fuck it, we're going to 0.5.0

    Logging was in pretty sorry shape before, with lots of duplicated log_error
facebook/prepack + (-30) -
    hermanventer I know you mentioned you wanted to look at this issue, sorry if I’m stepping on your toes. Since I was blocked I thought a bit more about this issue and figured I was directionally correct, but the specific fix in #2459 was wrong. Also sorry for the PR churn. Thought I wasn’t going to come back to this issue.
    I think firstly, d and e should be comparing `x.value` to ±`0`. But I think these are then redundant, since c handles this for us. Sorry if I'm wrong on this!
Laravel-Lang/lang + (-29) -
    fat fingers, sorry, fixed
    Others did not look. Sorry 😇
    P.S added new line: "Sorry, you are forbidden to access this page."
    Translated "boolean" and "required_with_all" which I've missed during my last update - sorry!
rust-unofficial/awesome-rust + (-29) -
    I missplaced it under Vulkan, sorry! Also added Travis ci badge.
SerenityOS/serenity + (-29) -
    Fuck it, add a 4th virtual console. :^)

    This is yet another bug because of the 'char'/'signed char'/'unsigned char' shit.
    get shit done. I'll definitely reenable it once it's been optimized.

    insufficient testing on my part. Sorry!
    For DSP reasons I can't explain myself (yet, sorry), short-time Fourier
    (Sorry Linus!)
    I'm sorry @The-King-of-Toasters, but it never worked and apparently noone uses/fixes it,
    I'm sorry :(
    It was me who has broken this, sorry ;(
    Sorry Sergey! :^)
    This makes assertion failures generate backtraces again. Sorry to everyone
Kong/kong + (-29) -
    Sorry about the long multi-topic commit, but due to the
      (that don't work I explained why in a comment :/ sorry @rainum)
prisma/prisma + (-29) -
    Sorry Mao not this time.
wallabag/wallabag + (-29) -
    So sorry for the mess... :(
svg/svgo + (-29) -
    npm test with 'spec' mocha output; fuck GNUmakefile
iissnan/hexo-theme-next + (-28) -
janl/mustache.js + (-28) -
    I'm sorry. :see_no_evil:
django-polymorphic/django-polymorphic + (-28) -
    This should be the final DB schema now (sorry for any inconvenience).
markedjs/marked + (-28) -
    Hmm I think I modified the wrong file (`lib/marked.js`) in the previous PR (see https://github.com/markedjs/marked/pull/2001) , this should be the right one ! Sorry for that.
    * Sorry... less gratitude this way I think but will comply. :)
symfony/filesystem + (-28) -
    Sorry, I add to clone the symfony repo with github and did small editing using pspad, I forgot to setup charset and line feed...
tighten/ziggy + (-28) -
    Sorry this took so long to merge @JesseLeite.
microsoft/vcpkg + (-27) -
    Sorry I don't have UWP or ARM compiler installed on my machine.
docker/docker-py + (-27) -
    (Sorry @shin- ;)
translate/pootle + (-27) -
    Sorry about that O:)
    Sorry, I missed this is actually going to be used.
iterative/dvc + (-27) -
    Also some refactoring got into this, sorry :(
sqlalchemy/sqlalchemy + (-26) -
    site, sorry
    (sorry, realized just now that an issue wasn't required)
    - sorry, I really don't want metaclass recipes in the main documentation.   Don't
        0.6.3 (we don't have a Jython buildbot, sorry)
    allowed on declarative mixins, sorry.  [ticket:1751]
    sorry, this example is just ridiculous
    Undoing patch #994, for now; more testing needed.  Sorry.  Also modifying test for query equivalence to account for underscoring of bind variables.
    (sorry Mike, I did have a unit test but didn't commit it somehow)
    no foreign key introspection available, sorry !
Modernizr/Modernizr + (-26) -
    * Sorry, signature problems
    * Sorry, signature problems
    Remove random "f" character. Sorry about that.
    Fix longstanding typo. SORRY GUISE
    Fix longstanding typo. SORRY GUISE
vuejs/vuex + (-26) -
    I am sorry for that :)
    * fix typos from bad english... sorry guys
vitellaryjr/babbemon + (-26) -
    sorry but imma start out by making sure you avoid a mistake i made with bab (aka: less globals pleaseeee)
    sorry i couldn't figure out how to make the shiny thing work with the purple and gold spots
influxdata/influxdb + (-26) -
    Sorry to nitpick
    Add invalid config file that should have been in #861. Whoops, sorry @jvshaid.
Automattic/mongoose + (-25) -
    sorry again
    Fix lint errors. Sorry.
import-js/eslint-plugin-import + (-25) -
    Sorry, it‘s time.
    eslint back in dev dependencies. (sorry, Travis)
CatchChat/Yep + (-25) -
    create new feed in scroll view (Fuck Ray! And Ray fuck Kevin!)
    update Crashlytics; disable ENABLE_BITCODE for Push (Fuck it!)
    add WeixinSDK (Fuck it!)
kovidgoyal/kitty + (-25) -
    dollars doing more stupid shit.
    just copied their old X11 shit without checking the specs. See #4183
airbnb/visx + (-25) -
    * agggh. sorry. added a line break at the end. didn't have prettier installed properly. obvs
captbaritone/webamp + (-25) -
    FUCK! This took me far too long to figure out.

    Revert to known state. Shit's broken

    * sorry, for hardcoded. ;p
public-apis/public-apis + (-25) -
    Add "Fuck Off as a Service"
    Add "Fuck Off as a Service"

    a previous version of this commit accidentally made the wrong change, that was a rookie mistake. sorry.
    Fixed the space, sorry for that. 😄
    sorry, forgot to change the HTTPS column
    Sorry for late changes
    This was stupid: I have deleted a whole line. Sorry.
django-helpdesk/django-helpdesk + (-24) -
    missed the real tests module location, sorry about that
dbader/schedule + (-23) -
    Sorry!! :anguished:
ryanto/acts_as_votable + (-23) -
    got rid of the alias module, not really needed and was a giant piece of shit
symfony/http-foundation + (-23) -
    Sorry please check https://github.com/Seldaek/symfony/commit/376dd93c569362a162bd2e79c7eea115ac5e355e instead, I missed a few tests in the RequestTest class.
    @stealth35: Sorry. I have to ask again.
    Yeah sorry `MimeTypeExtensionGuesser` is for getting an extension with the Mime, forget about this, i'll take care aboute all MIME intégration later
    Done! Sorry for the delay
    @vicb Sorry, for the email flood :)
    The other advantage is that under this methodology, there can be a UI experience on expiry, like "Sorry, your session expired due to being idle for 10 minutes".
    Sorry non native speaker an a bit hard to explain, could you ping me in a couple of hours on IRC if this still doesn't make any sense.
    Fixed the typo and changed the false to ture as reported in comments. I've also rebased. I'll see what I can do about config file change later today. Sorry for the delay, been too busy for the past week.
    Sorry, I can't reproduce it on Ubuntu and unless someone wants to sponsor me a Mac, there is not much I can do.
asdf-vm/asdf + (-22) -
    PS. sorry bu Prettier ran on save
    PS. sorry bu Prettier ran on save
    Sorry. I can erase the git history, but that's like doing something bad and saying "I didn't do it"
fzaninotto/Faker + (-22) -
    Sometimes shit happens... The Romanian national identity card number
mpldr/Idiot-Code-Golf + (-22) -
    oh shit, could this be considered… useful?
react-grid-layout/react-grid-layout + (-22) -
    Sorry about that
quii/learn-go-with-tests + (-21) -
    sorry @pityonline but im going to disable the md lint until we can get something more automated in intellij working
vim-awesome/vim-awesome + (-21) -
    never actually worked! My bad. Sorry @andyzg that you ran into this, and thanks
    ok. i am bad at gunicorn. really fix things this time (hot-tested on server). sorry for the github commit spam.
    (Yeah, this commit does two things... sorry about that.)
quicktype/quicktype + (-21) -
    Fuck records
netty/netty + (-21) -
    sorry and will be more careful in future.
    Revert the previous commit (sorry!)
    Fix a compilation error (sorry!)
      - Sorry. I'll add them back in the next alpha releases
    typo fix ! Sorry
    typo fix! sorry
    typo fix ! Sorry
flatpickr/flatpickr + (-20) -
    - sorry I made a mistake when I made the original PR #2384, I forgot to update the url (it was linked to my lib not yours), this PR fixes it
poteto/hiring-without-whiteboards + (-20) -
    sorry but some of our teams use whiteboard so I'll remove our company from the list.
mileszs/wicked_pdf + (-20) -
    Another Typo. Sorry.
vangberg/gochat + (-19) -
    fuck logging
square/picasso + (-19) -
    Merge pull request #74 from android/jw/because-fuck-you
cezaraugusto/You-Dont-Know-JS + (-18) -
    few more tweaks to wording. removed some 'sorry' statements. closes #28
onokumus/metismenu + (-18) -
    sorry for ads
bblimke/webmock + (-18) -
    Sorry, I have no idea how to test this.
    Sorry that I failed to find out how to reproduce this in a simple
dependabot/dependabot-core + (-18) -
           The following git URLs could not be retrieved: git@github.com:no-exist-sorry/prius
    some visual noise in the diff. Sorry about that.
    Properly fix rust specs. Sorry guys!
    Sorry for the huge commit :<
robbiehanson/XMPPFramework + (-18) -
    Reorganizing file structure (sorry). Moving extensions into their proper place in the extensions folder.
go-sql-driver/mysql + (-18) -
    Oh Travis, why have you forsaken me (sorry dear watchers)
NekR/offline-plugin + (-18) -
    Fix dependencies. Fuck npm 6
    Fix dependencies. Fuck nvm 6
rubocop/rubocop + (-17) -
    during rebasing. Sorry about that.
    from 99.2% to 0.5%. Sorry about that.
psf/black + (-16) -
    the release (sorry @cooperlees).
StupidHackTH/Stupid-Hackathon-5-Webpage + (-16) -
    fuck this computer man
RetroPie/RetroPie-Setup + (-15) -
    dxx-rebirth - remove leftover debugging default commit of moooo :-) sorry
    erk - home was being set incorrectly and breaking installs. sorry!
    removed left in test code. sorry!